Register Your Developers, Architects and Data Scientists Today for Adobe IMMERSE’18

by Loni Stark

posted on 05-30-2018

Striking that fine balance between giving developers, architects and data scientists time and opportunity for enablement and professional growth, and having their expertise and talent available for mission critical work is a challenge. How do you prepare for the long-term while meeting pressing demands? With Adobe IMMERSE, we do our best to let you and the team that supports your work have it all.

Adobe IMMERSE’18 is a virtual global event held June 12 – 15, 2018, with more than 90 sessions that give enterprise developers, architects, and data scientists insights and best practices for working with Adobe enterprise solutions, including Adobe Experience Manager. No travel required. If you’re an Adobe Partner, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to send your team to Adobe IMMERSE to save time and money that you might spend enabling employees on Adobe Experience Manager with in-house training.

Read on to learn more about what types of sessions we offer at IMMERSE, how you can attend more affordably, and examples of some great session titles to whet your team’s appetite to register for IMMERSE.

Sessions offered at IMMERSE ’18

This year, we’re of course offering live online sessions to enable your team on Adobe Experience Manager. We’re also offering sessions to get them up and running and develop skills on Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe I/O, Adobe Sensei, Adobe ColdFusion, and Adobe FrameMaker. That’s everything a developer needs to work with Adobe enterprise solutions.

Sessions run live from June 11 – 15, and come in three main formats:

Take a look at all the sessions offered this year by visiting

An affordable means of enabling your team

We try to make it as affordable as possible for you or your team members to purchase tickets for Adobe IMMERSE’18. The undiscounted price is just $75.00 USD, which includes the opportunity to attend sessions as they’re delivered, but to additionally access to recordings of those sessions and any others from the date they’re delivered through June 1, 2019. You can save $25.00 USD on each ticket by using Discount Code “LS518.”

To make IMMERSE even more affordable, we’re offering discounts for groups of 11 or more. Just contact the Adobe IMMERSE Event Team to secure your group discount code that team members can enter when they register.

Examples of some of this year’s sessions

You can always look at all the sessions by visiting the IMMERSE ’18 website, but to give a sense of the types of topics we’ll cover at IMMERSE’18, take a look at these session titles:

Ready to get your team registered?

So go ahead, get your developers, architects, and data scientists excited about attending Adobe IMMERSE. Send them to the website where they can check out the sessions listings or just go ahead and register. We look forward to connecting with them virtually in just a few weeks.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Content Management

Products: Experience Manager