Twelve Fonts for Your Next Event

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by The Creative Cloud Team

posted on 05-30-2018

Your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription gives you access to the thousands of fonts available in Adobe Typekit. You could spend days combing through the various typefaces from our foundry partners to find one that perfectly matches the tone of your project. But if you need to design something quickly, how do you find the perfect font without searching through the entire library?

Our curated font packs may be just the saving grace you’ve been asking for. These packs give you a teaser of what Typekit has to offer, and help you quickly and easily find fonts that fit your project.

The Get Folks Together font pack features a bold, fun variety of fonts perfect for blasting the word about local events like vintage clothing sales, movie nights in the park, or elementary school carnivals. Any of these fonts will make your designs stand out and make viewers take notice.

Explore these fonts for ideas of how you can use them for your own projects, and check out our other font packs to see what Typekit has to offer.

Barricada Pro Regular****

By Elí Castellanos Chávez, Sudtipos

This eye-catching font from the foundry Sudtipos combines the elegance of decorative serif fonts with the boldness of a slab font. The typeface looks almost as though it were created using a paintbrush, and the informal tone makes it a great choice for neighborhood events.

Potential uses:

Blenny Black****

By Dalton Maag

From a distance, Blenny looks like a solid black, heavy typeface, sure to catch viewers’ attention. As they come closer, however, they notice the highly detailed use of white space. The weight of the font pulls people in, and the quirky intricacies of the letters leave them intrigued.

Potential uses:

Critter Std Regular****

By Craig Frazier, Adobe Originals

Critter is a stylized and decorative font that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Every letter in the alphabet is shaped like an animal — the “S” is a seahorse, the “T” is the face of a tiger, the “F” contains the silhouette of a flamingo, and so on. Although it is an informal and playful font, it still retains readability and adds an interesting element to any design.

Potential uses:

Fairwater Solid Serif Regular****

By Laura Worthington, Laura Worthington Type

Fairwater’s contrasting thick and thin lines give this font a stylish, vintage vibe. The asymmetrical shape of the letters recalls the Art Deco style and conveys a sense of high fashion and glamorous entertainment.

Potential uses:

HWT Mardell Regular

By Lopetz, P22 Type Foundry

P22 Type Foundry focuses on preserving older fonts with historical relevance, including this Hamilton Wood Type. The typeface is based on a woodcutting that has been revived for digital use. The lack of counter space inside the letters would have made carving easier, and in a digital format gives the font a stark simplicity, reducing each letter to a collection of slightly off-balance geometric shapes.

Potential uses:

Hobeaux Rococeaux Regular****

By James Edmondson, OH no Type Co.

Simply put, to some the font looks like it has hair all over it. To others, it appears to be crafted from overgrown plant foliage. It’s an outlandish, abstract, ornamental font that seems unlikely to find a place in any kind of design. But if you use it right, Hobeaux Rococeaux can make a big impact, and your poster will not soon be forgotten.

Potential uses:


By Zuzana Licko, Emigre

Two LoRes fonts are contained in this pack: 9 Wide Bold Alt Oakland and 22 OT Serif Bold. These particular variations of the LoRes typeface depict an 8-bit style, and would look at home as the text of an arcade game like Galaga or Tetris. The two LoRes options are sure to generate a feeling of nostalgia for any children of the 80s who see your design.

Potential uses:

Kon Tiki Aloha JF****

By Jason Walcott, Jukebox

This island-inspired font makes up its own typeface rules. It mixes lowercase and uppercase letters within words and changes the shape of some letters based on where they set. There are two versions of the letter “R,” for instance — an “R” at the beginning of the word has a serif at the top left, while an “R” placed anywhere else is serif-free. The typeface is fun and inventive but also easy to read and narrow, so you can use it to convey a lot of information in a small space.

Potential uses:

Jumble Regular

By Laura Worthington, Laura Worthington Type

This bouncy typeface almost appears to move as it crosses the page. The thick asymmetrical lines of the letters give the font a childlike feel. It’s bold enough to catch the eye of passersby but inviting enough to inspire positive reactions.

Potential uses:

Phoreus Cherokee Regular

By Mark Jamra, TypeCulture

Phoreus is more understated than many of the other fonts in this pack, making it great for companion text. It pairs nicely with the display fonts featured here because it is easy to read but still has its own personality. And here’s a fun fact: this is one of the few typefaces that supports the Cherokee writing system.

Potential uses:

Catwing Regular

By Typodermic

Like Phoreus Cherokee, Catwing is included in this pack to accompany the wilder display fonts. Its loose freehand style pairs well with KonTiki in particular. Catwing is lighthearted but readable.

Potential uses:

Signo Regular****

By Rui Abreu

The Signo typeface has several fonts that would work well for display text, but the font included in this pack — Signo Regular — works best for secondary details after the headline has caught your viewer’s eye. It has an almost calligraphic quality that serves as a nice balance to some of the more bizarre fonts included in this pack. Its subtle, upright elegance lends itself well to conveying any other important information on your flyer, poster, or handout.

Potential uses:

Sync this font pack from Typekit, and try incorporating these fonts into your next casual design project for a local event. For more options, browse Typekit for thousands of additional fonts and inspiration.

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