A Path to Achieving Network Security ZEN

by Chris Parkerson

Posted on 05-31-2018

Finding a balance between a pleasant user experience and stringent security requirements can be a challenge. User authentication has become increasingly complex over the years, blending usernames and passwords with second factor authentication, like One Time Passwords (OTP). In many cases users need to re-authenticate many times a day depending on the applications or devices they use. For many users extremely long and complex passwords blend across work and personal accounts which reduce security and increase frustration and confusion. Is it even possible to balance heightened security and enhance the overall user experience? Adobe believes this is possible. We want to share our Zero-Trust framework for achieving this balance, through “ZEN.”

The Zero-Trust Enterprise Network (or ZEN) project from Adobe is an initiative based upon numerous best practices and principles from various digital workspaces. Since there is no “off-the-shelf” solution to fully deliver on these principles today, ZEN is pioneering technology and workflows to make the path to a zero-trust network more efficient and attainable. The ZEN initiative strives to accomplish the following:

How do we enable the initiatives above?

We are looking forward to expanding these initiatives and are eager to continue our journey to the next-level of digital workspaces.

You can learn more about our ZEN initiative from our white paper on Adobe.com or our recent webinar with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Den Jones
Director, Enterprise Security

Topics: Security, Compliance, Major Initiatives, Security Automation