#LightroomStories: Top Editing Tips from Claire Droppert

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 06-06-2018

In pursuit of capturing silence and the perfect light

Minimalistic and simplistic. Those are the two elements that usually defines Claire Droppert’s photographs. She is inspired by the diversity of natural landscapes and by desolate and open spaces. She continually strives to create strong visuals through modern editing techniques along with a creative blend of solitude and minimalism. Generally, her work has a remarkable feeling of silence.

Photographer Claire lives in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, a vibrant city in which simple and silent moments are hard to find. Still, Claire manages to always find that remarkable feeling of silence. Where do you find inspiration in the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam?

Simplicity is something I’m naturally drawn towards, and I prefer not to be distracted by irrelevant things. This probably has something to do with my background in Graphic Design. Through my career, I have learned to focus on the finer details. I mostly focus on one significant subject. Over the years this has become my trademark. I endeavour to capture the feeling of silence with each and every unique setting I encounter. Life, people and places always help me to tell a significant story and the city is no exception to that.

What makes a good picture in your opinion?

A good picture can be difficult to define, as photography is a broad subject. I tend to always be looking for that perfect shot or good composition, next to the right use of light and a clear subject to relate to. When selecting a picture, the technical quality of an image is the most important criteria. I look for the right sharpness and the quality of the finer details. This helps the picture to stand out from the rest.

Lighting plays a big role in your pictures. Where do you find the right light?

There is no doubt that photography is light. I like capturing images in the morning. A good morning provides the opportunity to indulge in that special light, especially when stumbling upon an interesting subject at an inspiring location. The most beautiful images and subjects wouldn’t be compelling without the introduction of appropriate light. The ‘blue hour’, or the ‘magic hour’ as I call it, also helps to create those moments quite easily.

**Do you have any tools or features that are your absolute favourite?
**Yes, I have many tools and features I like to use. These instruments help me through the whole editing process a lot quicker. They give me a lot of valuable time back for my regular day-to-day work life. Time I’d rather use to take beautiful shots.

The most common devices I use are Photo Grid, Edit, Crop & Rotate, and Linear Gradient. As you might have noticed, I do like my subjects to stand out. Using the brush element and adding the appropriate levels of contrast – together with the right use of black – certainly helps me produce images I’m happy with. I love to learn from experimenting with the abundance of editing tools that are available. I also seek inspiration in the work of other artists, such as Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. I love his distinct style and his great eye for detail.

Can you tell us something about the ideas behind your Adobe Lightroom Stories pictures?

In these pictures, I wanted to show my trademark by capturing the essence of the city and giving a strong feeling of where silent moments can be found. I’m also very lucky to have grown up near the sea. I still go there a lot, since it’s only a 20-minute drive. It gives a great contrast to my day-to-day living situation and forms a great source of inspiration for the images I want to create. An eager mind is a key component when searching for a good picture. If I’m clearly motivated by a moment or a place, I can make an image or create stories like in these three pictures. Sometimes, this happens when you least expect it.

Any tips or tricks for other creatives who admire your style?

Get out there, have fun and enjoy whatever it is that you are creating. Try taking things to the next level, even though you think you are happy with what you have created. There is always something to improve, something new, and more to learn. Also, don’t follow the crowd. Set your own style and be confident about it.

I truly believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it, but it doesn’t just happen. You need to work hard, motivate yourself and maintain a positive attitude. I seek inspiration by listening to music, talking to people and travelling or visiting new places. For me, one of the biggest compliments I can get as a photographer is when people remember my images and want to connect with them in an emotional and inspiring way.

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