XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager 3.0 launched

by Juhee Garg

Posted on 06-07-2018

I am pleased to announce that we have recently released the version 3.0 of our CCMS – XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. This is a testament to the maturity of the solution and its rapid pace of evolution over the last two years. With this release, we have added several new capabilities to the solution, which will provide added flexibility when deploying the solution in large enterprises.

This release not only helps you deliver consistent, immersive and omnichannel content experiences for your customers across multiple touchpoints, it also eases the content creation and management experience for you. With a simplified web-based DITA authoring experience, a seamless web-based review experience, ability to offer content as a service, easy migration of legacy content to DITA with our unique ingestion framework and powerful asset and version management, this release has a lot of exciting features. This release adds support for Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 and tighter integration with leading XML/DITA editors like Adobe FrameMaker and Oxygen XML Editor.

Catch a brief overview of the latest release in this product overview video.

Support for Adobe Experience Manager 6.4

The 6.4 release of Adobe Experience Manager brings huge improvements in user experience, intelligent search, digital asset handling and metadata management. It also launches Cloud Manager, which is the new self-service interface for IT to truly take advantage of Adobe Experience Manager in the cloud.

The browsing experience in the repository has been simplified with a new tree view and optimized click experience.

XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager – Tree View

The search experience in the repository has been enhanced with more operators and granular filters, and it’s easier than ever to find the needle in the haystack. Adobe Sensei, the AI engine behind all Adobe products, has been incorporated to translate search terms in real time.

You can easily create custom reports using a UI-based report builder. The reports can be scheduled using this interface, with built-in notifications and download capability.

XML Documentation For Adobe Experience Manager - Report View

Metadata management has never been easier with cascading metadata fields, which only appear when their dependent parent fields are populated, for faster and more accurate cataloging.

Tighter integration with leading XML/DITA editors

The solution provides authors with a variety of options to cater to their different needs. It comes with a built-in web editor that provides a simplified authoring experience from within a web browser. This is great for subject matter experts, but is also great for full-time authors.

Since we first launched XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, we have provided a tight integration with Adobe FrameMaker.

For authors who require a desktop based environment, we provide integration with all major editors through WebDAV.

With the 3.0 release, we have launched a native plugin for Oxygen editors as well. The Oxygen plugin provides the most used capabilities that the authors need in their day-to-day life: browse repository, checkin/checkout, upload files and folders, reuse content, etc. In addition, it also provides a Favorites folder where you can collect your most-used content for easy access.

oXygen integration with XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager

Other Features

Some other significant enhancements are:

This has been an exciting year and there is so much that has been done with this release that I could only captures the highlights in this blog. I invite you to explore all features of the solution on our website. If you are curious to learn more, schedule a demo today by reaching out to us at techcomm@adobe.com

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