Creative Careers Track at MAX – 5 Featured Sessions

Check out these 5 sessions in the Creative Careers track at MAX.

by Elissa Dunn Scott

posted on 06-08-2018

There are so many sessions at MAX, it can be hard to choose which ones to add to your schedule. We’ll be featuring a few in each track in the coming weeks to help get you started.

First off is our Creative Careers track. These sessions cover everything from thought leadership, working with and building strong creative teams, growing your personal brand, and fueling your passion projects. Here are five sessions in this track you should check out:

Making a Case for a Kinder, More Joyful, Heart-Centered Leadership Approach: Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder, Creative Mornings

If you’re thinking about how to motivate your team, be a fair and inspiring leader, and attract new talent, this session is for you. Join Tina Roth Eisenberg — founder of Creative Mornings, Tattly, TeuxDeux, and FRIENDS — for a refreshing take on leadership that comes from the heart and involves a lot of GIFs and confetti. Tina believes that when you make your employees feel loved and appreciated, magic happens.

She’ll share:

Real Talk: How to Revitalize Your Teams and Yourself: Deepa Subramaniam, co-founder, Where With All

Positive team health, high-velocity output, and strategic execution — these likely form the foundation of our day-to-day work goals as we aim to create that healthy team, a high-functioning client dynamic, and quality output. Join Deepa Subramaniam, a seasoned product leader for 15 years, as she provides evidence-based tactics for improving the overall health of your teams and your own creative output when time is of the essence.

Deepa will share:

A Photo is Worth More Than 1,000 Words: Adé Hogue, designer and art director

We all take photos in our personal life, but how do you add photography to your professional life as well? Meet Adé Hogue, a designer and art director with an enthusiasm for custom lettering and photography, two passions that fuel his design process and creative energy. In this lively session, he’ll share how he merged his design career with his photographic hobby to deliver better and more artistic creations. You’ll see how the power of photography helps bring his design ideas to life and understand his creative process. You’ll also pick up nuggets on color theory, art direction, and what it takes to make a meaningful photograph.

Adé will show you how to:

Finding Balance with Black Panther: Ken Lashley, artist, Marvel Entertainment

It’s been said, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But how do you avoid burning out? Find out from comic superstar Ken Lashley, who has worked on every big pop culture hit in recent memory, including “Black Panther,” “The Avengers,” “Justice League,” “The Flash,” “X-Men,” “Suicide Squad,” and the latest “Star Wars.” He encourages you to create work for yourself first and the client second, and you’ll always have a happy career.

Join Ken as he shares:

Talking About Feelings: Personal Work for Fun (!) and Profit (?): Adam Kurtz, artist/author

In an industry full of multi-hyphenate creatives, the best way to stand out is to be our authentic selves — whatever that means. Personal work is the perfect opportunity to explore what matters most to us, while letting potential clients and fans know exactly who we are.

Join artist and author Adam J. Kurtz (aka ADAMJK) for a hilarious dissection of his accidental career and lessons learned along the way. You’ll hear:

There are many more sessions in the Creative Careers track — you can peruse the MAX session catalog here. You’re sure to find the right sessions for your career and interests. Check back in the coming weeks as we share our featured picks for Graphic Design, Web and UX, Illustration and Creative Imaging, Video, and Photography.

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