Forrester Research: Adobe is a Leader in Customer Analytics

by Jeff Allen

posted on 06-11-2018

The comment I hear most from customers and at industry events is this: “We have all of this valuable data about our customers, but we need to make better use of it.” Companies know that their data has enormous value. But now, no matter where you sit in your organization, it’s everyone’s job to tap into actionable insights from data to move your brand forward.

We’ve known for a while that Adobe offers a best-in-class analytics solution — that’s been validated by our strong legacy in cultivating this industry, and our history with leading brands. But today, it was a proud moment to see Forrester Research, an independent research firm, name Adobe Analytics as a leader in customer analytics solutions.

According to The Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Solutions Q2 2018 Report, Adobe was one of nine solutions evaluated across 39 criteria, grouped into three main categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence. We achieved top scores in what our customers value most — insights, action, and usability.

Being named a leader in customer analytics confirms, in my opinion, what I hear over and over again from our customers:

It’s user friendly and actionable

With Adobe Analytics, you don’t need to be a data scientist to turn data into actionable insights. Our customers love its ease of implementation, and its consolidated view of customers and marketing activities.

Adobe Analytics helps you optimize and automate your marketing, not simply feed an advertising ecosystem. Your data is activated into several marketing workflows — audience segmentation, content optimization, experience personalization, predictive intelligence, campaign automation, testing, and targeting — all because Adobe Analytics feeds data natively to our customer-engagement solutions, as well as through our expansive network of trusted partners.

It’s fast

Analysis Workspace dramatically speeds up the analysis process and lets you answer questions almost as quickly as you can ask them through a free-form, drag-and-drop experience that you can pivot, break down, and visualize in real time. We were the first among our competitors to adopt this type of capability. We understand that people would much rather spend their precious time analyzing insights instead of filling out reports.

Building ad-hoc reports for different stakeholders takes less time when you use the freeform Analysis Workspace tool. It lets you dig deep into data without having to run a custom report every time a last-minute request comes in. You can change and pivot data in a matter of seconds. Our flexibility helps reduce reporting overhead, giving you more time to gather insights.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our overview of Analysis Workspace.

It enables great customer experiences

Most of you may know from painful experiences that accessible, clean, and reliable customer data is a prerequisite for customer analytics. The top two challenges people face in performing analytics are accessing data from multiple sources and ensuring its quality. With Adobe Analytics, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

According to Forrester, “Adobe has turned its mantra of ‘Make Experience Your Business’ inward, by developing a marketer-friendly solution that doesn’t skimp on advanced analytical functionality… Adobe is one of two vendors in this evaluation to receive a perfect score of 10 from client references on ‘likelihood to recommend,’ with one commenting, ‘They seem to recognize that it isn’t just about producing actionable insights in a particular marketing silo, but rather about closing the loop with optimized experiences.’”

AI makes a difference

Adobe Sensei makes Adobe Analytics even more powerful with artificial intelligence and machine learning, which give you the ability to surface “unknown unknowns” — hidden opportunities or risks that Adobe can find with Virtual Analyst. You’re able to detect data anomalies, analyze touchpoint contributions to conversions, and much more. And you can take action in the moment.

According to Forrester, “Like most vendors in this space, Adobe has jumped on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, but most of the Sensei capabilities in Adobe Analytics existed long before being rebranded as AI. Still, Adobe’s vision of using AI to automate insight discovery will continue to resonate with data-driven marketers.”

To learn more, read The Forrester Wave report.

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