Adobe Named Leader in Customer Communications Management

by Sunil Menon

posted on 06-13-2018

It is a great way to get ready for the second half of 2018 — we are thrilled to see the release of the 2018 Aspire Leaderboard for Customer Communications Management, which names Adobe a Leader in multiple categories:

Aspire evaluated 17 vendors for CCM capabilities, future strategy, uses cases, and architecture. Adobe ranked as a Leader thanks to the both the strength of our current offering, as well as strategic direction for Adobe Experience Manager Forms (which is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud).

Aspire states Adobe has a strong vision for how customer communications can drive business growth, has the strength to make this vision reality, and is an excellent fit for businesses who want an enterprise solution to support enrollment, activation and onboarding use cases. We stood out for our user interface (UI), forms analytics, data integration framework, integration with Adobe Sign, and how we work with the rest of Adobe Experience Cloud to drive better engagement. It is not surprising to see Adobe ranked the highest for strategic direction in Omni-Channel Orchestration, Forms, Information Integration, and Customer Engagement.

Over the last several years, Adobe Experience Manager Forms has focused on creating a best-in-class platform for marketers and IT organizations to design, approve, update, and deliver multi-channel, interactive customer communications at scale. We have worked tirelessly to help our customers optimize their digital enrollment and communications processes, and have recognized the need to connect forms and communications processes to create a consistent, streamlined customer experience. We refer to this as experience-driven communications, and released our most recent update earlier this year. This report is great validation of the progress we have made and the innovation we have taken to market.


As companies look for ways to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value, there is an increased focus on improving customer experience during every interaction in the customer journey. Delivering personalized and engaging experiences are not just critical during acquisition but equally important during onboarding and sending service and regulated communications. Leveraging deep customer intelligence, Adobe Experience Cloud delivers a well-designed, personal, and consistent experience that delights customers every time you interact with them.

On a single, centralized content and data platform and business-user friendly interface, marketers can design mobile- responsive forms and interactive communications with data-driven workflows that create a seamless end-to-end enrollment and ongoing communications process.

Multi-channel design & delivery

Many consumers prefer digital communications, but print or PDF communications are still critical because of compliance reasons or for offline access. Adobe Experience Manager Forms has introduced a single editor to design, preview, and publish both mobile-responsive web and compliant PDF communications to decrease the time it takes to empower consumers to interact with brands on their preferred channel.

Personalized communications

What is the point of communications if they are not personalized? Integrating data from your CRM and other back-end systems to automatically pre-fill data like name, address, and account number is a good start. Adobe Experience Manager takes it a step further with an easy UI to bind data while document authoring, and with the power to insert personalized up-sell and cross-sell offers — across communication touchpoints — based on customer segments and behavior.

One product, end-to-end solution

Compared to other enrollment and communications solutions on the market, Adobe Experience Manager Forms stands out for offering so much value in a single product. AEM Forms provides not just forms, workflow automation, and customer communications, but also an integrated platform to enable customers to measure, optimize, and personalize mission-critical enrollment and communications experiences. E-signature support fully digitizes compliant form and onboarding processes, and machine learning accelerates content and forms creation.

Take a look at the interactive 2018 Aspire Leaderboard for Customer Communications Management to learn more.

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