InfoCert: Paving the way toward a digital signature (r)evolution

by Dan Puterbaugh

posted on 06-13-2018

There are necessary ingredients to every revolution, but the most important step is to take action. Without action, your revolution will die. That’s exactly what the folks at InfoCert—the largest Certificate Authority (CA) in Europe and a leading Qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP)—are doing. Together with Adobe and other Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) industry leaders, they’re leading a digital (r)evolution—challenging existing business processes through out-of-the-box innovation—that brings fully compliant, cloud-based digital signatures to signing processes that have been traditionally tied to desktop computers.

Central to InfoCert’s “the digital future is now” approach is their innovation-centric company culture. It’s this commitment to innovation and their willingness to share their knowledge that make them a valued contributor in the evolution of cloud-based digital signatures. InfoCert supports companies in their digital transformation journey leveraging their strong compliance expertise and TSP status to give full legal validity to any digital transaction. With offices in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, InfoCert manages, on a daily basis, millions of legally binding transactions on behalf of its clients distributed all over Europe.

InfoCert is one of the first cloud signature TSPs to partner with Adobe Sign and a co-founder of the Cloud Signature Consortium. They offer CSC-compliant digital ID and timestamp services that are eIDAS Qualified and meet European Telecommunication Standard Institute (ETSI) standards. Together with ETSI, InfoCert has developed the technical specifications for QWACS and QSEALS certificates imposed by the PSD2 Direction and has been the first company to offer such solutions to the market. InfoCert’s customers include companies in the banking, insurance, utilities, public administration, financial, consumer credit, telecommunication, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

Meet maximum security and compliance with qualified digital IDs

Adobe Sign and InfoCert work together to ensure your digital signatures are protected by the highest levels of security and compliance. Before your employees, partners or customers can digitally sign a document, they need to prove their identity with a TSP like InfoCert. Once verified, each signer is issued a certificate-based digital ID that’s uniquely theirs. When signing a document, they use their own certificate, personal PIN, and one-time passcode to validate their credentials and prove their identity.

It’s easy to get started digitally signing documents. Just follow these steps to get a digital ID, so you can begin digitally signing documents with Adobe Sign and InfoCert.

  1. Click here to get a digital ID.
  2. When responding to a request for signature sent from Adobe Sign, select Cloud Signatures, then InfoCert as your digital ID provider.
  3. You’ll be prompted to log in with your InfoCert account ID and password to access your digital ID.
  4. Choose your digital ID to begin digitally signing documents in Adobe Sign.****

Add extra protection to important documents with timestamps

A timestamp records the time and date a document was signed. By locking the signature as well as the document, timestamps guarantee the Long-Term Validity (LTV) of a signed document. Timestamps are a critical component of the U.S. PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures (PAdES) standard and the EU eIDAS regulation. Adobe Sign partners with TSAs like InfoCert to issue timestamps through the provider’s cloud-based public key infrastructure (PKI) infrastructure—a technology used by TSAs to apply timestamps. This is critical for digital signature compliance because personal signing certificates can expire, while the timestamp LTV can be renewed over time without changing the validity of the signature. The LTV timestamp assures the certificate was valid when applied and extends the validity of the signed agreement beyond the time scope of the signer’s actual certificate.

Adobe is advancing standards again

With 6 billion signature transactions a year, Adobe is the undisputed leader in secure digital documents. We invented PDF, and we drove the first opens standards for digital signatures. Together with industry experts in the Cloud Signature Consortium, we’re setting global standards again for cloud-based digital signatures that work on mobile devices and the web. Adobe is the first global vendor to deliver solutions based on this standard, enabling organizations everywhere to meet demand for anytime, anywhere signing using high-assurance digital IDs.

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