10 Artists to Follow for Endless Inspo

The Top Of The World” by Shaun Ryken

by Adobe Corporate Communications

posted on 06-18-2018

The power of collective creativity is real. Did you know you can browse passion projects, submissions from challenges, and profiles of like-minded creatives on Project 1324?

It’s a space designed to foster the growth of creative communities by giving everyone a platform to share, appreciate, and learn from their fellow makers.

Explore these profiles to see how artists are making the most of this creative hub.

Keneilwe Kwanaite, South Africa

ROOTS” by Keneilwe Kwanaite

“Art speaks, and mine seeks to redefine the concept of perfection,” says Kwanaite. He does this by experimenting with hues and textures to address important social issues. See more of Keneilwe’s work on Project 1324.

Luisa Azevedo, Portugal

Save the Earth” by Luisa Azevedo

Luisa is a Portuguese artist who stands for what she stands on, this big green planet we call home. Dive into her Project 1324 profile to see how her art “fights for the beauty of our world.”

Ruta Matuleviciute, Lithuania

10” by Ruta Matuleviciute

“Painting is used to create objects that deliver immersive experiences and moments that are ever-changing according to context,” says Ruta. Check out her Project 1324 profile, which discusses the human psychology and its relationship with the environment.

Shaun Ryken, Canada

Ole Wonderer” by Shaun Ryken

Shaun is a Photoshop CC artist whose work focuses on inspiring audiences to create change. Be it for the climate or for themselves, his mind-bending graphic design encourages constant awareness of perspective. See more of Shaun’s nature-driven creativity on his Project 1324 profile.

Myles Loftin, United States

Ascension” by Myles Loftin

Twenty-year-old Myles is a freelance photographer and student who uses his camera to document how fashion impacts black families, racial profiling, masculinity, and more. By sharing his powerful images, he hopes to “inspire other artists of color to pursue successful careers in the creative industry.” Find out how he does so on Project 1324.

Francesca Page, England

200 Sharks Project” by Francesca Page

“I believe art is a universal language. It’s a powerful tool to communicate important messages and give a voice to the voiceless,” says British artist Francesca. Using ink, pencil, watercolor and Photoshop, she addresses a spectrum of important climate change issues on her Project 1324 profile.

Ana Maria Sena, Brazil

Daydream” by Ana Maria Sena

Painter and illustrator Maria is a visual arts student at the University of Brasilia. She says her work “speaks to her reality as a black woman and resident of the periphery.” Head to her full artist profile to see how she uses art to transcend her reality.

Sam McAllister, Ireland

New Perspectives of Old Places” by Sam McAllister

“Be kind, be wild,” says Dublin based artist Sam. The twenty-one year-old photographer and videographer focuses on capturing new perspectives in old places to expand creative horizons and the way we see the world. View more of his pieces on his artist profile.

Lucas Wakamatsu, Brazil

Anxiety 1” by Lucas Wakamatsu

Bright color enthusiast Lucas approaches mental illness with his larger than life characters. He stares anxiety in the face and splashes it with a spectrum of hues and shapes. See the full series on his profile.

Helena Covell, England

J U M B L E” by Helena Covell

It’s practically impossible not to smile at Helena’s creations. She dreams up her own playful worlds where everything drips with movement and personality. Check out her artist profile to meet more of her colorful characters.

Want even more inspo? Explore all the creativity on Project 1324.

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