Free Adobe XD UI Kit: Private File Sharing that Prioritizes Security

Easy-to-use, enjoyable interfaces may delight your users, but they’re likely to reject your designs if they don’t feel secure using your app and sharing their data. That’s why it’s important for user experience (UX) designers to prioritize security features in their products, and properly communicate those features (and how to use them) effectively. Do security right, and you can win the UX jackpot — do it wrong, and you’ll find your users will quickly look for another app or service.

The Vault UI Kit is the latest free user interface (UI) resource for Adobe XD, and it has a host of beautiful and functional components for building an app or website with secure elements (from passcodes to encrypted file sharing). You can download the Vault UI Kit here, and for more user interface resources for Adobe XD, check out our five latest free UI kits and icon sets.


Vault UI Kit: Secure login features, private file sharing, and end-to-end encryption elements

The Vault UI Kit was created by San Francisco multidisciplinary designer Kerem Suer and Ame Elliott, design director of the educational nonprofit Simply Secure, which is devoted to advancing the causes of security, privacy, and transparency in product design. It features tons of UI elements to help you build an app or website in Adobe XD with security elements, such as:

In short, the Vault UI Kit provides you with important tools to transform the security demands of your next app or service into an opportunity. With it, you’ll be able to delight your users with a spectacular UX. It is built in Adobe XD, allowing designers to:

Meet the designer: Kerem Suer

Kerem is an Istanbul-born interdisciplinary designer with more than 14 years of experience designing and prototyping human interfaces. Kerem began his career as the first interaction designer of Fitbit during its very early stages, and then later went on to start his own design studio. There, he’s helped companies create and define visual design systems across web, mobile, and desktop. His clientele includes companies such as Dropbox, Pinterest, Intuit, Omada Health, MyFitnessPal, and Zendesk. Kerem is based out of foggy San Francisco and is rarely seen without his four-legged assistant designer, Lola.

Meet the designer: Ame Elliott

Ame (sounds like Amy) Elliott is a design director for Simply Secure, an educational nonprofit building a community of professional practitioners who put people at the center of privacy, security, transparency, and ethics. She uses a human-centered design approach to the challenges of privacy and forges relationships with multidisciplinary teams of software engineers, user experience designers, and researchers. She is based in Berlin, Germany, where she works on software design for information security with Trust7. In 2018 Ame was recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business.

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