Maximizing People Potential

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 06-20-2018

The companies of the PERSOL Group help organizations grow by helping their people grow. The top-rated business staffing company in Japan helps connect more than 28,000 client organizations throughout the Asia-Pacific region with qualified people through a wide range of services, including temporary staffing, personnel recruiting, IT services, and business process outsourcing.

PERSOL’s operations generate large volumes of documents, including contracts, procurement forms, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and employment agreements. For instance, PERSOL TEMPSTAFF, the group’s temporary staffing division, processes more than 45,000 employment agreements annually.

Implementing Adobe Sign helps PERSOL fill clients’ increasingly diverse opportunities with greater speed. At the same time, PERSOL is making its internal processes more efficient and cost-effective with automated e-signatures and digitalized document workflows, including integration with Salesforce CRM.

“By using APIs to link Adobe Sign and Salesforce, we can completely automate the front and backend system,” says Ms. Yuuko Baba, Group IT BITA Department, General Manager_,_ PERSOL HOLDINGS CO., LTD. “Instead of taking seven minutes to create a contract, it now takes 10 seconds.”

Digital processes also eliminate the costs of paper, printing, document storage, and postage. In fact, PERSOL could save up to ¥60 million a year on postage alone using Adobe Sign.

Topics: Digital Transformation

Products: Sign, Acrobat, Document Cloud