How Creatives Create: A Brand New Behance

A few months ago, my team and I celebrated Behance’s 10-year anniversary. We used that moment of reflection to look ahead to the future, eagerly discussing how we would continue to fulfill our mission to empower creators like you and give your work the exposure it deserves. Today I’m delighted to announce our most significant update to Behance since we launched over a decade ago.

Our update spans across four key areas, each of which is designed to give you even more opportunities to collaborate, connect, and learn:

Our new logged-in homepage allows you to follow the creative fields you are most interested in while also exposing you to new, interesting work from your fellow creators. We built this experience around an Adobe Sensei-powered recommendation engine that was designed from the ground up to give more exposure to creators whose work has yet to be seen.

Our second update is the launch of a new way to share on Behance called Work in Progress. Work in Progress segments expire after 24 hours, allowing you to easily share a behind-the-scenes view of your creation process and solicit feedback before your work is finished. You can share and view Work in Progress on Android, iOS, and the web.

We’re also incredibly excited to launch a complete redesign of our mobile app, which debuts today on iOS and will arrive soon on Android. Our new app makes it easier than ever to browse and share beautiful work.

Finally, we continue to expand Adobe Live to bridge the gap between inspiration and execution, creating a new platform for community and collaborative learning. Our live-streaming efforts bring remarkable creators together to teach the community their process and encourage real-time co-creation. We’ve seen explosive growth, with viewers participating for hours each day. Stay tuned this fall when we expand to give you the ability to broadcast your creation process in real time.

Creators too often don’t get enough credit for their work, toiling away without the audience you deserve. So the future of Behance is guided by a simple equation: exposure (for your work) plus attribution (so people know you did it) equals opportunity. I can’t wait to see what you create.