Wipro Leads the Way

by Sarah Chang

posted on 06-26-2018

For decades, multiple major global enterprises across industries have relied on Wipro for technology consulting, implementation and business process services. While Wipro is laser-focused on supporting clients through their digital transformations, it hadn’t looked at refreshing its own brand for 18 years. Last year, the company decided it was time for a change.

Wipro started by looking at its own digital foundation and the workflows behind creating memorable, relevant interactions for every audience segment. The team wanted to cut the complexity behind delivering new digital experiences for clients, enabling authors and business stakeholders to deliver in-demand content, faster. After working with Adobe to implement Adobe Experience Cloud solutions for its clients, Wipro made the decision to adopt Adobe Experience Manager as its own content backbone.

“We’re in the business of helping our customers select and deploy the best technology solutions to meet all of their business needs,” says Deepak Sharma, Global Head of Brand and Digital Marketing at Wipro. “Adobe is a partner that we’ve worked with frequently because it offers a unique combination of creative and marketing solutions to deliver fantastic end-to-end experiences. It was time to take advantage of this mix for ourselves.”

In designing and implementing the new platform, Wipro partnered with Adobe Customer Solutions. While Wipro took lead in deploying the new platform, Adobe Customer Solutions supported custom integrations between backend solutions, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Analytics. Adobe Digital Learning Services also stepped in to help ramp up adoption and reinforce best practices outlined by the partners. The partnership also helped the company maintain focus on larger tasks at hand—relaunching its brand in the market and developing more collaborative workflows. Adobe Customer Solutions provided additional oversight to help ensure success.

“We took on a lot with this project, transforming our brand and our digital backbone so we’re more responsive to expanding business needs,” says Gaurav Mittal, General Manager and Global Head – Digital Marketing & Commerce at Wipro. “With features, like custom page templates and enhanced visibility into site performance, we’re working smarter and delivering more of what our customers want.”

Most importantly, Wipro authors, marketers, and executives have solutions that enable them to collaborate more successfully so the company is not only delivering more targeted content, but also a consistent brand experience. “We’ve put a lot of ourselves into revamping and modernizing the brand,” says Sharma. “Now, we have the solutions and workflows in place to help us protect that brand and speak with our customers in a unified voice.”

With the early successes that Wipro has experienced—delivering new experiences faster, supporting collaboration, and making its already powerful brand stronger—the company plans to amplify brand experiences with even more personalized and targeted content using Adobe Target. During the next phase of its evolution, Wipro will also enhance customer journeys by responding to each audience segment with personalized experiences and resources to build ongoing, meaningful relationships with its customers.

“It’s an exciting time to be part of Wipro, taking an already ubiquitous brand in the IT industry to the next level by reimagining what an IT partner can be and how we communicate with our customers,” says Naveen Rajdev, CMO at Wipro.

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