Better in Launch: Publishing

Launch’s publishing process is agile enough to support one-person teams, or globally distributed teams.

by Jon Viray

posted on 06-27-2018

Implementation managers and IT teams grapple with the opposing needs to quickly get through their backlog of work while asserting enough control over the publishing process to deliver a website that’s stable and always available. But control and agility should not be mutually exclusive.

Flipping the script on rights management

A robust publishing workflow begins with a strong foundation of user rights management. DTM, and other legacy tag managers, assign roles to users. Launch, by Adobe, takes a better approach and lets admins assign users to rights, so it’s easier to keep tabs on who can do what and make changes easily. To learn more about how Launch manages user rights, read Better in Launch: Security.

Built on this foundation of user rights management is a publishing workflow flexible enough to supply maximum agility to a one-person shop, as well as globally dispersed teams.

Control without compromise

Launch’s publishing workflow is made up of four phases: development, submitted, approved, and published. The component that propagates through each of these stages is called a library.

Libraries are made up of a collection of Launch components: extensions, rules, and data elements. This means implementation managers and IT have precise control over who has authority to publish to production, what is published, and when it’s published.

Such a robust process may not be necessary in all situations. For those times where organizations are looking for a solution with minimal process and maximum agility, Launch has a feature called Active Libraries. The Active Libraries feature allows authorized users to save new changes directly to a library to ensure Launch enables — not hinders — an organization’s ability to move as quickly as they’d like.

Launch gives implementation managers and IT the tools they need to move fast — without compromise.

That’s why life is better with Launch.

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