Better in Launch: Team Collaboration

Launch helps you and your team work better together.

by Jon Viray

posted on 06-27-2018

One of the biggest struggles for both implementation managers and IT is managing multiple workstreams. How do you effectively empower teams and even individuals to work independently on various parts of a project and then successfully bring all those parts together as a cohesive, production-ready build? Versioning problems, unknown dependencies, and misunderstandings on who will deliver what all contribute and compound the problem of managing multiple workstreams in legacy tag managers like DTM.

If businesses fail to optimize their publishing process, they will fall farther and farther behind the competition.

Collaboration without contamination

Launch, by Adobe, empowers team members to work fast independently, while also enabling collaboration when it makes sense.

Launch gives organizations an unlimited number of development environments, which means all developers have their own private sandbox to build and test without worrying about other users contaminating their environment. That means they can work faster.

Always informed and in control

Launch also gives users alerts when any part of their library is altered by another user (read Better in Launch: Publishing to learn about Launch libraries). With these alerts, users can decide which version of a specific component they’d like to use. For example, if Lauren makes a change to a rule within a library that Jon is about to publish, Jon will get an alert that asks if he wants to use the newer version of the rule. From here, Jon can choose to move forward with the change or revert to a previous version of the rule. This ability for team members to be aware of how other team members’ work may impact theirs, coupled with the control to ingest or reject those changes into their publishing workflow, lets teams work together effectively.

Launch gives implementation managers and IT professionals the tools they need to empower their teams to work together seamlessly and effectively.

That’s why life is better with Launch.

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