5 Things We Learnt at Nicer Tuesdays

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 07-03-2018

June’s Nicer Tuesdays kicked off on a scorching summer’s day last week, hosting an eclectic speaker line-up including illustrator Robert Rubbish; founder and editor-in-chief of Season zine Felicia Pennant; animation director Nicos Livesey and Belgian graphic design studio, Atelier Brenda.

Showcasing vibrant and unique work while speaking about their inspirations, creative process and latest projects, here are five of our top takeaways for all your creatives out there…

1. Never stop experimenting

Graphic design studio, Atelier Brenda, use a range of different tools to create, from spray paint, to typography, to pop art. Atelier Brenda was formed from experimentation, with the three designers behind it – Nana Esi, Sophie Keij and Amelie Bakker – wanting to create an outlet that allowed them to express themselves. Animation director Nicos Livesey’s experimentation with claymation and edible icing resulted in mesmerising animations that were later showcased at Cannes Lions. Trying new ideas or experimenting with different mediums can be intimidating, but you’ll never know what amazing work you can produce until you try!

2. Inspiration is everywhere

Atelier Brenda found inspiration from their favourite foods, “we like mussels and sausages – they’re dishes you can link with graphic design”, while Season zine saw a gap in football culture which was inspired by “the male, pale and stale” connotations of the sport. Animation director Nicos Livesey said he “stumbled across Russian mosaics which blew my mind”. These later became one of the key influences for his BBC World Cup trailer made with the London Embroidery Studio. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places and become a driving force for creativity.

3. Do your homework

Illustrator Robert Rubbish delved deep into Soho’s history and archives to create his book ‘Spiritus Soho’, using his research to inform his characters and drawing on historical figures. One of his focuses was sailors, as they used to visit the area. Research allows you to take your ideas to the next level, while helping you stay true to what you’re working on and keeping it authentic.

4. Your work could be part of something bigger

Season zine founder and editor-in-chief, Felicia Pennant, describes the platform as a place to “dispel stereotypes, emphasise diversity and highlight issues that need to change”. Her original quest to breath new life into male-dominated football culture has become a symbol for female empowerment. Even if your goal isn’t to change the world, it’s fascinating to see where your creativity can take you…

5. Images are not the be all and end all

Although many designers use images as their main way of storytelling, Atelier Brenda found this a “cliché” and instead have focused on text in their work. Adobe Typekit has thousands of beautiful fonts available for designers, so you can find one which expresses you best. If you fancy putting some of our fonts to the test, why not get involved in our latest Hidden Treasures design challenge?

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