Silicon Labs Scales Superior Service to Customers Worldwide

by Emily Chu

posted on 07-23-2018

Smart companies know that the key to effective sales is treating every customer like individuals. But as businesses grow and expand globally, it becomes more challenging for companies to keep track of their customers.

Silicon Labs understand the importance of customer service to the company’s success. As a top company in the semiconductor industry, Silicon Labs views its customers as essential partners. That means listening to customers to create the innovative products that they need and providing a fantastic customer experience at every turn.

As consumers demand more connectivity in their lives—from smartphones, appliances, and watches—the market for innovative semiconductor products has boomed. As Silicon Labs grew, it didn’t want to lose its personal connection with customers.

Using the integrated Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, Silicon Labs makes the most out of data to deliver personal experiences at scale.

Adobe Experience Manager helps authors promote new and exciting digital content for customers in minutes. Then Adobe Analytics measures performance of both web pages and individual assets to understand what customers are looking at. Using this intelligence, Adobe Analytics builds customer segments that it feeds into Adobe Target to personalize and test experiences, which tells Silicon Labs how it can improve customer experiences even further through Adobe Experience Manager.

“We want to build amazing technology that serves the internet of things,” says Kamran Shah, Director of Corporate Marketing at Silicon Labs. “When a company comes to our website or uses our desktop development environments, we’re giving them an experience that lets them successfully go to market and succeed.”

Working together with the integrated Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, Silicon Labs can reach its growing customer base with the same personal touch and improve conversion on leads by 35%.

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