New Experience Templates Help Satisfy Your Appetite to Test and Personalize

Image source: Adobe Stock / denisismagilov.

by Jason Hickey

posted on 07-24-2018

New experience templates help satisfy your appetite to test and personalize

Do you have great ideas for tests or personalization activities that you want execute on in Adobe Target? Maybe you want to personalize an offer in a lightbox on your homepage for 10 percent off for signing up for a customer loyalty program. Perhaps you have a time-limited sale coming up and you want to use a countdown clock in a banner to create a sense of urgency to encourage customers to purchase. Maybe you have breaking news that you want to target your visitors with using a ribbon at the top of your online news site.

As a marketer or non-technical user of Adobe Target, you know it’s easy to modify those elements in the Visual Experience Composer to create the experiences you’re envisioning for your activity. But what if you don’t have that lightbox, banner, or ribbon on your site? And what if you don’t have access to the developer resources you need to create that website element? Working with a talented design team, we just created eight new experience templates for use with Adobe Target so you don’t have to give up on your great idea.

Eight new experience templates on GitHub

Adobe Target Experience Templates are precoded samples with configurable inputs for some of the most common marketer use cases for testing and personalization. You can use these samples in the Visual Experience Composer of Adobe Target and also with its Form Composer. We’re providing them on GitHub for free to developers and marketers to serve as a starting point for creating experiences in Adobe Target activities.

Each experience template comes with the sample code you need, along with an overview of what it is, instructions on how to use it, any limitations it has like character or image size limits, a preview of what it looks like, and a video demo of how to use it.

Here’s a quick rundown on the experience templates currently available:

The banner-countdown experience template.

The simple lightbox experience template overlaying a web page.

Contribute your experience templates

We hope these experience templates provide one more means of unlocking your ability to test and personalize anywhere and everywhere using Adobe Target. Do you have a template that you think Adobe Target users would love? If so, we encourage you to contribute it to the repository on GitHub, which we see as a start to an ever-growing library. We’d also love to know what you think, so please be sure to give us your feedback.

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