Adobe Stock Remix Live Interview: Ron Timehin

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 07-25-2018

During last week’s Adobe Stock Remix Live event we caught up with photography connoisseur Ron Timehin, a freelance photographer from Bromley who has worked with a wide breadth of brands such as Canada Goose and Eurostar, covering everything from fashion to locations and transport.

Ron took part in our online event in which we challenged him, alongside two other guest creators, to produce works of art in real-time inspired by Adobe Stock’s latest visual trend Creative Reality. A trend which explores how artists and innovators are responding to anxious times with visual representations of escapism inspired by images of nature. Read more about the trend here.

Keep on scrolling to learn more about Ron’s creative process and click below to watch the video on demand. The full event is available to watch on our YouTube playlist.

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Adobe: What does photography mean to you?

Ron: For me, photography provides me with the ability to process, appreciate and interpret the world around me. Taking photos allows me to express myself though a medium that simultaneously documents moments in time. In essence, I would say that it’s my creative, visual diary.

A: How do you use Adobe Stock as part of your creative process?

R: Typically, I use Adobe Stock to enhance parts of images that I have taken, such as adding in more dramatic skies or a little more fog to a landscape scene.

A: What was your initial thought process you first received the brief for Adobe Stock Remix Live?

R: Approaching the brief was a bit of challenge. Coming up with a response pushed me to think outside of the box and to adapt the way I normally use Adobe Stock assets. My initial line of thinking when exploring the Creative Reality trend was to juxtapose two completely different worlds to create something surreal with bold colour. That’s what led me to create a double exposure cinemograph using imagery and video assets.

A: How do you find working to tight deadlines, such as the 20-minute time frame you had to create your artwork during Adobe Stock Remix Live? Do you have any tips to share?

R: Working to a tight deadline is always a challenge, however my experience as a photographer helped me along the way. I often have to edit images within 15 mins for my clients after a shoot, particularly for editorial as it’s important to get the content out ASAP.

Click here to see to see the cinemagraph on Ron’s page.

A: How did technology help your creative process during Adobe Stock Remix Live?

Technology played a massive part in my creative process during the event! I used Adobe Photoshop for the entirety of the creation of the artwork, using it to combine a still image with a video. Without software it wouldn’t have been possible!

A: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve photographed?

R: Hmmm, I wouldn’t say I have a singular favourite shoot. Lots of them are special for different reasons however some of my favourites have been travel related. Shooting on a €65 million super yacht in Monaco was a pretty special experience. Although, exploring the 9th Ward in New Orleans where Hurricane Katrina hit the hardest and was an experience that I will never forget.

A: Do you have any exciting projects coming up at the moment?

R: Yes, I have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline. I have two book releases and a documentary coming out early next year so keep an eye out, I can’t wait to share more on that!

Big thanks to Ron for catching up with us! Follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated with his latest news!

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