Raise your Digital Document Speed Limit

Tips for using Adobe Sign in Microsoft Outlook.

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 07-25-2018

Businesses need to generate and track digital document transactions faster than ever to stay competitive in today’s global economy. It’s a daunting task, especially when many internal systems aren’t connected or don’t “talk” to each other. Disconnected systems force information workers to take on a series of separate, error-prone, manual steps just to complete a single transaction. As a result, business-critical processes are often delayed, difficult to track, and negatively impact revenue.

Putting the ability to generate and track digital document transactions within the app you use most makes your organization more competitive, responsive, and agile.

Increase digital transactions with the Microsoft Outlook add-in

The Adobe Sign add-in for Microsoft Outlook turns e-mail attachments into digital transactions, completes forms with finesse, and provides real-time tracking, all inside of Outlook. The add-in can be used with an individual, team, business, or enterprise plan — even an Acrobat DC subscription — and allows you to log in with your existing Microsoft account or Office 365 credentials.

Better document experiences

The power to cut down turnaround on any type of document requiring a signature or information (like a form) is right at your fingertips. The “Send for Signature” workflow also helps protect confidential, sensitive information that is often included in documents.

Visibility into mission-critical business processes

Documents can sit in a busy inbox when someone is out of the office, resulting in long turnaround times. The “Agreement Status” tool gives visibility into the exact state of the signature transaction. You can also:

Reducing risk with document archiving

Archiving is automatic, and the documents are stored — along with an audit trail — online. There is no need to search through thousands of e-mail attachments to track down a finalized contract.

Get up and running now

Here’s what you need to install and get started using the Adobe Sign add-in for Microsoft Outlook today.

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