Delivering Faster Time to Service with E-signatures

by Adobe Document Cloud Team

posted on 07-30-2018

With specialties in electronic data interchange (EDI), system integration, analytics, sourcing, and product content, SPS Commerce develops solutions for retailers, suppliers, distributors, grocers, and logistics providers. Instead of managing multiple one-to-one connections with varying data formats and standards, SPS Commerce customers only need to connect to a single network. SPS Commerce takes care of the rest.

Because SPS Commerce solutions are complex and customized, stakeholders must sign off on each deal. To simplify the process, SPS Commerce wanted an electronic signature solution that integrates with its Salesforce CRM database and chose Adobe Sign.

“We currently send hundreds of documents for electronic signature a month with Adobe Sign,” says Dan Juckniess, Chief Sales Officer, SPS Commerce. “With Adobe Sign, we’re dramatically reducing administrative work so that our teams can concentrate on providing the best customer service.”

Adobe Sign helped cut the internal signature process from days to hours. Now that agreements are signed in less than a day, SPS Commerce launches customer solutions faster, which enhances customer satisfaction.

Integration with third-party solutions, including Salesforce CRM and Salesforce CPQ, lets SPS Commerce sales representatives easily generate, send, and monitor agreements and quotes from a single screen. Quotes that used to take an hour or more to prepare can be sent in less than 10 minutes.

“Sales representatives can even send a quote while on the phone with a customer,” says Juckniess. “This automation improves productivity and gives sales representatives more time to talk to customers, do research on customer needs, and find the best solutions for our customers.”

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