Advancing Interaction Design Across the Globe: Announcing World Interaction Design Day

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 08-01-2018

We’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with IxDA to launch World Interaction Design Day, an annual initiative dedicated to advancing the craft and showing the world how interaction design improves the human condition.

On September 25th, we’ll come together as a united global community through activities and events taking place around the globe that showcase the diverse ways interaction design impacts everyday life.

Our aim is to have a positive, long-lasting impact – on our participants, our practice, and the world – by facilitating activities that support dialogue and discourse. Our practice comes from an exchange between the members of a pluralistic community, where each voice is heard, and we strive to support that dialogue at all times.

As stated in the Montreal Design Declaration, signed in 2017 by top designers and design professionals from across the world, “Everyone deserves to live in a well-designed world.” World Interaction Design Day seeks to advance that declaration. We can’t do this in isolation; to tackle these major challenges, we need to come together.

Joining us in support of World Interaction Design Day are AIGA, Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), Creative Mornings, and Ladies That UX, as well as a global committee made up of leaders from the design world.

We welcome everyone – designers, developers, academics, researchers, employers, partners, and anyone who makes products and services with us and for us – to contribute by hosting activities for their local communities in support of this year’s theme.

This year’s theme: Advancing diversity and inclusion in design

Our 2018 theme, diversity and inclusion in design, challenges the interaction design community to look at how language, culture, gender, age, and ability are reflected in design, and how designers can use their skills to improve accessibility to products and services for the community at large. Events taking place will revolve around this theme, with the mission of advancing the conversation and thought leadership around diversity and inclusion in design.

Get Involved

We welcome everyone to contribute by hosting or attending activities for their local communities. The best way to get involved as a host or attendee is to visit our website for updates on events or to sign up for email updates.

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