Motto For Digital Leaders: ‘Nothing Is Impossible’

Motto For Digital Leaders: ‘Nothing Is Impossible’

by Staff

Posted on 08-08-2018

In these times of continuous digital innovation and increasing customer centricity, it’s important for marketers to stay abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing.

We spoke to Dr. Dominik Matyka, chief advisor of DMEXCO–an event for which is a media partner–about selecting the best channels, utilising AI, and enhancing brand experiences. What are the key marketing trends we will hear about at DMEXCO 2018?

Matyka: The central challenge for CMOs today is to select the channels and systems that provide the greatest value to communications. The skill lies in finding and using the innovations that deliver real added value in an industry … whether it’s artificial intelligence or the latest advertising format on platforms such as Instagram.

Procter & Gamble CMO Marc Pritchard–who delivered the keynote at DMEXCO last year–recently spoke about marketers mission to enhance the brand experience and put the customer back in the spotlight in an interview with Horizont. He asserted that data and technology must be the conduits to make this happen. I think DMEXCO is the perfect place for marketers to have these conversations.

Deutsche Bank CMO Tim Alexander will address DMEXCO this year and recently told us: “Marketers must always remain curious, look beyond their own nose, and follow trends. And, above all, they must exchange ideas with colleagues and employees, with other companies, with pioneers and masterminds to stay tuned in to their industry. You should constantly question yourself. Events such as DMEXCO are particularly useful for this.” I have nothing to add to that. You sold your company plista to WPP. If you had to distill your experience into three tips for entrepreneurs, what would they be?

Matyka: I would probably have more than three tips. The journey I went on with plista was a very long one. The essence of being an entrepreneur is to create a working environment and establish a culture of passion for the work, where creativity is encouraged and the demand for continuous innovation is rewarded.

My motto is: “Nothing is impossible,” something I was careful to communicate to every member of the team. I also try to pass on my experience to young entrepreneurs through the investments I make with my Cavalry Ventures fund. Dominik, this year DMEXCO has a new management team. What changes can we expect going forward?

Matyka: For the next few years, DMEXCO will focus on three central topics: better orientation, stronger networking, and more dialogue. We have also revamped our corporate identity and launched a new-look website in June. We have also defined our roadmap for the coming years, offering CMOs targeted, personalized content and networking opportunities year-round. What can we expect at this year’s DMEXCO?

Matyka: There will be plenty of peer-to-peer learning, with numerous CMOs from major brands attending. When we were creating the conference programme, we prioritised variety. And our expo is a community where you can network with C-level peers at numerous VIP and side events. Which sessions in the DMEXCO conference do you most recommend for CMOs?

Matyka: How about the keynote address by Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges on the morning of the first day on the Conference Stage? If that doesn’t appeal, at the same time you can attend “The Age of the Customer” on the Debate Stage, in which Amazon, Ebay, and SAP will discuss the changing customer life cycle. On the afternoon of the first day, prominent CMOs from L’Oréal, T-Systems and Deutsche Bank, among others, will talk about the “Next Mission in Marketing.”

And on day two, marketing directors from Henkel, Mondelez, and Unilever will discuss “Future Skills in Brand Building.” There are so many exciting topics and personalities at DMEXCO that everyone can find the right mix for them. What does this year’s motto “Take C.A.R.E.” mean?

Matyka: “Take C.A.R.E” is not only a motto we have chosen–the slogan reflects our attitude. Remain curious, act consciously, take responsibility, and create experiences. We want to pass this message to our industry. All of us together, as the digital community, are responsible for what is happening in our market.

Ad blockers, data and consumer protection, and legal implementations such as GDPR or ePrivacy are topics that we need to discuss at length. We have to put the customer and their interests back at the centre of everything, otherwise we will lose people’s trust.

Digital transformation isn’t just about more efficient marketing; people have a desire to make the digital world simpler, safer and more transaparent. This is another role the DMEXCO community can play.

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