Type Innovations Coming to InDesign CC and Illustrator CC

Finding the right font for your project can be art as much as science. For some, it’s practice and observation. For others, it’s instinct or personal taste. With the upcoming releases of InDesign CC and Illustrator CC, we’re working to make the process less mysterious.

You can look forward to a vastly improved experience of exploring and finding the right font within the applications. Most exciting of all, soon you’ll be able to seamlessly access 9,000+ fonts that come with your Creative Cloud membership, directly within InDesign and Illustrator CC.

Our engineers have been working on updating the user interface so it’s even more seamless to filter and sort through the available fonts. In addition, have you ever wanted to quickly see how your font would look as a headline? We’ve been working on letting you customize the sample display text so it will display any text you enter.

Finally, you will soon be able to realize the full potential of the 9,000 fonts included with your Creative Cloud membership, right within InDesign or Illustrator. If you’re looking for a new font, you can browse thousands of them without leaving the app. You can preview fonts in your design without syncing them. And if you like what you discover, it takes just one click to activate and license that font. Best of all, the fonts are all part of your Creative Cloud membership.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of InDesign CC and Illustrator CC.

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