8 Unforgettable Back-To-School Marketing Moments

Studious marketers are always doing their very best to win consumers’ time, attention, and wallets–and especially so during the lucrative back-to-school shopping period.

8 Unforgettable Back-To-School Marketing Moments

by Giselle Abramovich

Posted on 08-10-2018

Studious marketers are always doing their very best to win consumers’ time, attention, and wallets–and especially so during the lucrative back-to-school shopping period.

With competition intensifying over the years, marketers have had to tighten their thinking caps to become extra clever and creative. And they’ve passed with flying colors. Below we take a look at eight back-to-school efforts that continue to resonate.

1. Staples – The ‘LOL’ Factor

The gist: Our first pick is this Staples commercial from the late 1990s, which pokes fun at kids dreading going back to school, while their parents secretly can’t wait.

Why we love it: Parents everywhere couldn’t help but snicker at this one. It’s hilarious and–dare we say?–true.

2. Guess – Taking Viewers Behind The Scenes

The gist: Kid models from Guess are featured in this four-minute, behind-the-scenes video, which gives viewers the opportunity to get to know the children donning the clothing and apparel maker’s 2017 collection.

Why we love it: The video is unfiltered and raw, helping viewers better connect with the models. We get to see them for what they are: kids.

3. JC Penney – Turning An Ad Into A Music Video

The gist: What do you get when you put Sara Rowe, Meghan Trainor, and “Carlton Banks” (Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro) together? A very entertaining music video by JC Penney in 2016 that features some amazingly talented kid dancers boogying to Trainor’s hit song “Me Too.”

Why we love it: It’s pure entertainment. Need we say more?

4. Gap – Inspiring Our Youth

The gist: The 2017 “Push Through” campaign by Gap focused on empowering and motivating today’s youth.

Why we love it: It doesn’t promote products. Corporate social responsibility at its finest?

5. Walmart – Making Advertising Relatable

The gist: This 2012 Walmart commercial depicts a typical situation in the life of a teenager.

Why we love it: It’s something any teenager’s parent can relate to. Also, the fact that it’s humorous helps it stand out among the masses of back-to-school efforts over the years.

6. Oreo – Encouraging Kindness

The gist: Oreo’s back-to-school campaign shows that kindness goes a long way.

Why we love it: This commercial makes the list because of its positive message: It reminds kids to be kind to one another and depicts how doing so is infectuous.

7. Target – Millennial Mom Win

The gist: Recent research by Visa found that Millennial women are today’s primary financial decision makers, so it’s no wonder why Target chose to connect with this cohort for its 2017 back-to-school campaign.

Why we love it: If you’re a Millennial mom, chances are you had a slight obsession with New Kids On The Block back in the day, making the following video a creative must-watch.

8. Crayola – An Ode To Teachers Everywhere

The gist: The 2018 #CrayolaThanks back-to-school campaign focuses on pulling at the heartstrings of all the amazing teachers out there, right in time for back to school, when they’re doing their own back-to-school shopping.

Why we love it: It’s also a friendly reminder to all about the important role that great teachers play in the lives of students everywhere.

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