Adobe India Contributes to a Summer of Service

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 08-16-2018

Adobe employees in India have had a busy summer of changing lives and bettering their communities! These selfless volunteers are living our core values by showing us all what it means to be involved and genuine. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to share the amazing volunteer work our employees have undertaken this summer.

Pitching in to Plant Trees

Nearly 300 Adobe volunteers participated in a summer tree-planting drive throughout India in partnership with the Green Yatra Trust, a leading environmental NGO dedicated to the protection, conservation and betterment of the environment. Adobe employees joined the organization’s yatra (Hindi for “journey”) toward making the world a greener place by planting an astounding 900 tree saplings. We planted 650 trees in Noida and 250 in Bangalore — all native, low-maintenance plants that contribute more oxygen to the environment.

“We hear a lot in the news these days about people and authorities cutting down trees in Bangalore and Noida, so it’s a great point of pride for Adobe employees to come forward and plant trees, which are very much needed now,” said Priyanka Bhille, Program Manager, Sustainability & Social Impact.

Akshay Tyagi, Software Engineer and Action Team Lead in Noida, said driving this initiative gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

“As trees are a main source of oxygen and vital to our survival, it’s essential that we plant them, particularly with the increasing concretization of cities,” Akshay said. “It felt good to know that we are actually doing something for our environment, that we are creating change.”

Shankar Singh Kachhwaha, Accounting Manager and event lead in Noida, said, “It’s the need of the hour to plant trees to save all our lives. Thanks for arranging the tree-planting drive and giving us the opportunity to contribute to this noble cause.”

Bringing Smiles to Underprivileged Kids

Project Smile is one of the biggest social impact initiatives undertaken by Adobe in Noida every year, and this year was no exception! The sixth annual event brought together more than 225 Adobe employees and their families to bring smiles to 450 underprivileged children.

Though it was a hot and humid July day, our volunteers kept their energy up as they led classroom activities, fitness programs, wall-painting projects, educational sessions and even an Adobe band performance. The highlight of the event was the gift of a school bag with books, geometry sets and stationary items for each and every student, which brought huge smiles to the faces of our volunteers and recipients alike.

This memorable day of volunteering has ended, but the impact that Adobe volunteers made goes far beyond the time they spent at the school. Since so many Adobe employees came out to support this cause, their efforts earned them a volunteer grant that will help with the renovation of school toilets and infrastructure.

Interested in learning what else we do to make social impact? Visit our corporate responsibility page!

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