Harder Working Website Boosts E-Commerce Revenue at National Instruments

by Emily Chu

posted on 08-20-2018

Long before researchers produce results or industries release products, they have spent months or years developing and testing ideas with tools that observe, measure, and control inputs, outputs, and conditions. Many of those essential tools are made by National Instruments (NI), which combines modular hardware and software to help customers solve complex engineering challenges.

For much of its 40-plus years in business, NI organized its sales strategy around its products. But the increasing complexity and sophistication of its solutions makes them better-suited for an account-based sales approach in which sales teams focus in specific industries — such as automotive technologies or semiconductors — and targeted personas within companies, including executives, engineers, or academics.

By investing in Adobe Experience Cloud solutions including Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets and Adobe Target in Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics in Adobe Analytics Cloud, NI has created a digital marketing stack that supports its account-based sales strategy with personalized omnichannel customer engagement. After consolidating nearly two dozen disparate tools onto a single platform, digital marketing tasks that used to take weeks to complete, such as creating new web pages, are now done in less than one day without requiring specialized technical assistance.

“One of the biggest successes from Adobe Experience Cloud is how it’s bringing teams together — marketing, sales, business intelligence, design, e-commerce, and IT — on this digital transformation journey,” says Kerri Adcock, Principal Digital Analyst, National Instruments Corporation.

Using more than 64,000 centrally-approved assets in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, local marketers can more easily customize experiences in Experience Manager Sites, which has reduced the number of people needed to maintain globalization by two-thirds. To create galleries and scale assets for mobile and other rich media experiences, the company also started using the Dynamic Media functionality within Experience Manager Assets.

NI also uses Adobe Analytics to measure visits and track customer paths across all areas of its website to determine what drives customers to become successful sales leads. Adobe Target enables NI to personalize experiences, such as delivering different home pages to new and returning customers, in as little as 30 minutes.

“Conversion rates are up 14% and revenue from our e-commerce site is up 20%,” says Brian Sierer, Director of eBusiness and Marketing Platforms at National Instruments. “That tells us that Adobe Experience Cloud is helping us develop a website that works harder to connect with customers. We are reaching the right customers.”

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