Technical Communication Suite 2019 Release

by Amitoj Singh

Posted on 08-22-2018

It has been close to 18 months since our last release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2017 release). The wait is over and I am pleased to share with everyone the availability of market-leading technical communication suite with five amazing tools – Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2019 release).

2019 release in August 2018! With this release, we have moved to new branding similar to other Adobe Products and suites where in basis the month of launch, we keep in release name same calendar year or calendar year + 1. Does that mean there is no release in 2019? The answer is no. We will continue to improve the product as we go along (much faster).

A big THANK YOU to all our Tech Comm users for sharing their valuable feedback and we hope to keep hearing back from you with new set of features and areas of improvement for the Adobe Technical Communication Suite NEXT.

Coming to the more interesting part – What’s in Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2019 release)?

The release of Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2019 release) has major upgrades for Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe RoboHelp, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter and Adobe Acrobat. I will briefly talk about each of the point products which are part of the Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2019 release).

Fast. Powerful. Future-ready. FrameMaker 2019.

The FrameMaker 2019 release is designed to make your content creation and publishing experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful. Here are some exciting new features and improvements coming to the world’s most advanced technical writing tool. For more detailed information, please refer to the FrameMaker (2019 release) blog post.

FrameMaker (2019 release) is now available as a native 64-bit application. This means effortlessly work on long, complex XML/DITA or non-XML/unstructured documents. One of the key features of WYSIWYG authoring and PDF publishing gets a quantum leap with the new modern PDF Engine. Not only are you able to generate PDFs up to 60% faster but also greater control over print settings such as marks, bleeds and printer marks. Secure your PDF seamlessly with a password.

That’s not all. The FrameMaker platform has gone through a major revamp with an update of all major Adobe libraries ensuring that the experience is at par with any other industry leading product from Adobe like InDesign, PhotoShop, and Illustrator. The latest and best Open Source libraries ensure stability. We have also brought back in colored icons and they stand out with the new contrast settings of FrameMaker. New real-time informative progress bars, an improved and tabbed Welcome Screen and support for DUDEN spelling and hyphenation are some of the added benefits with the 2019 release.

The other big enhancements are in the area of:

For detailed information on Adobe FrameMaker 2019 release, refer to the FrameMaker (2019 release) blog post here.

Adobe FrameMaker (2019 release) Launch Webinar

Register now for the Adobe FrameMaker (2019 release) Launch Webinar on September 17, 2018.

An all-new way to create for you. An amazing experience for your customers. RoboHelp 2019.

Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) – Welcome

“Unlearn and re-learn or easy learn.” That’s the statement that first comes to my mind when I talk about the all-new re-imagined Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release). Over many years, RoboHelp has gone through a transition starting with RoboWord to RoboHTML to ribbon-based UI for RoboHelp. With each release, we moved few steps forward …

… With the 2019 release, we have moved by leaps and bounds. RoboHelp has been re-written from scratch. It provides a new re-imagined, modern, minimalistic user interface experience. Continue to deliver exception help, policy and knowledge base content with Adobe RoboHelp 2019 release.

Re-imagined content creation is one of the key pillars for 2019 release. Work faster with a powerful yet simple user interface when authoring your topics. Use HTML5 and CSS3 elements when authoring your content. This means rich media support (YouTube, Vimeo, various video output formats) and support for SVG images and the latest WebP image format from Google. Importing word files has never been easier with the new import word engine and various options. Customize your CSS with ease in a new CSS editor and real-time property inspector for your topic or elements in your topic.

That’s not all! Publishing has been a key feature for RoboHelp and over the years we have made significant investments in the same. With this release, there is a brand new skin editor in which you get to preview the actual output as you make changes, save them and finally publish. But with 2019 release, all the skins have parity in terms of feature and for WebHelp users there is something special. Dynamic Content Filtering can be used across Responsive HTML5 and WebHelp output. With a new fuzzy search feature to new super-fast search algorithm and highlighting, personalization moves a notch higher and leads to delightful customer experience with new RoboHelp 2019 output.

With GIT and Microsoft SharePoint 2016 support, empower your team for better collaboration on content for your documentation.

As 2019 release would be a major change for RoboHelp users, we have also shipped along with RoboHelp the older RoboHelp (2017 release) with few bug fixes as Adobe RoboHelp 2019 Classic. This helps to ensure that you continue to use Classic for your production work as you move to the new RoboHelp platform.

Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) Launch Webinar

Register now for the Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) Launch Webinar on September 18, 2018.

Unlock the future of smart eLearning design. Captivate 2019.

With the 2019 release of Adobe Captivate, conquer new learning landscapes with a smart authoring tool that lets you create all kinds of fully-responsive eLearning content. Embrace the future, as you effortlessly design modern immersive learning experiences leveraging virtual reality and 360° media assets. Amplify video-based learning by easily adding interactivity to videos, that you record yourself, or bring in from YouTube, and drive up learner engagement.

Please refer to this blog post for more information about why the 2019 release of Adobe Captivate is so exciting.

Presenter 11.1

Transform your PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning with stunning assets and quizzes using Adobe Presenter 11.1. Simultaneously capture your screen content with your webcam video and turn static content into HD videos right from your desktop. Edit videos within the project timeline and publish to popular video sharing sites. Leverage HTML5 publishing to deliver courses to desktops and tablets. Track learner performance with the integration of leading LMSs.

Please refer to the Adobe Presenter product website for more information

The best PDF tools. When and where you need them.

Polished and professional. That’s the impression you’ll make when you use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Get the complete solution for working with PDF documents at your desk, and use Document Cloud services to accomplish more when you’re on the go. From Adobe, the leader in secure digital documents for over 20 years.


If you buy a perpetual license of Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2019 release), this suite ships with a license for the older Acrobat Pro 2017.

If you go for subscription of Adobe Technical Communication Suite (2019 release), this suite ships with a license for the newer Acrobat Pro DC (Document Cloud) with all latest Acrobat features.

Other Information

For more detailed information on few features and workflow, please refer the following links:

I would encourage all of you to download Technical Communication Suite (2019 release) trial and experience the exciting new workflow. In the coming weeks and months, we will be starting a blog series, in which we will post more details on the new features in RoboHelp 2019 release and FrameMaker 2019 release So stay tuned.

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