Larger than life (in 3D)

Render by Justin Patton in Adobe Dimension CC.

There are amazing advantages to working in 3D — these include the ability to transform how you visualize your reality in new and unique ways. With Adobe Dimension CC and content from Adobe Stock, designers are provided with an array of tools and assets that are unique to the 3D space. Today, we will cover a few of the tools that can be found within Dimension that allow you to easily transform a scene — and the way you think about design.

The Select and Scale tool

This tool is a designer’s dream — it gives an artist the ability to play with the size and scale of any 3D model. By adding this into your creative process, you have the power to take photorealistic, real-world assets from the custom curated Adobe Stock 3D collection, and turn realism on its side. Make a pickup truck miniature in size or an ice cream cone as big as a skyscraper. Play with the size of ice cubes in real time. You can stretch a 3D model to become shorter, wider, taller, or longer. The sky’s the limit, and, as a creative at the forefront of your industry, you now have a tool to easily control the assets that make up your visual scene.

Image sources, ice cubes: CGTrader / Adobe Stock, and life preserver: adobestock3d / Adobe Stock.

The Orbit tool

One of the most amazing things about 3D, simply put, is that your design can be seen from any angle. The ability to move around a scene and capture the perspective you want versus the one you started with is one of the most powerful aspects of working in Dimension. There are countless aesthetic decisions made during the creative process, and, at times, a designer wants to see a composition from a different perspective. The Orbit tool gives you the ability to do just that. With this feature, it is possible to select your desired angle or easily adjust the view. Once you have found the perfect one, you can then render the exact scene you imagined versus the one you may have started with.

Image sources, succulent plant: adobestock3d / Adobe Stock and drink umbrella: adobestock3d / Adobe Stock, beach chair: CGTrader / Adobe Stock, and table: TurboSquid / Adobe Stock.

The Select and Rotate tool

The last item to be covered in this article is the Select and Rotate tool. This amazing feature allows you, as a designer, to move and rotate each model in your composition at any point in time. While the Orbit tool gives you the power to select the best view, the Rotate tool allows you to move individual objects around. You can now be certain that each model is placed perfectly within your composition. Do you prefer to see a couch from the back versus the front? Use the Select and Rotate tool. Do you want to move the edge of a coffee cup handle slightly to the left? This tool is there to help. 3D introduces a whole new array of opportunities for you to streamline your art creation process.

Image sources, tea cup: CGTrader / Adobe Stock, tea bag: adobestock3d / Adobe Stock, and wood sailing boat: adobestock3d / Adobe Stock.

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