BT Local Business Reduces Sales Contract Turnaround by 99%

Speeding customer service delivery.

by Maria Mihajlovic

posted on 09-03-2018

When employees dial into a conference call, download email messages, or access files on network servers, they don’t think about the telecommunications services that make those business tasks possible. But without speedy, reliable access to broadband, fixed line telephone, mobile and networked IT services, business productivity grinds to a halt. That’s why BT Local Business is committed to giving its customers in England, Scotland, and Wales the best service possible, and that begins with an efficient contract process.

To bring its contract process more in-line with its reputation for innovation, BT Local Business transitioned to an electronic signature workflow based on Adobe Sign. “Our average turnaround time for contracts has gone from 28 days to 7 hours with Adobe Sign,” says Andrea Swann, Global Admin Lead at BT. “Customer satisfaction is going up because turnaround is so much faster.”

BT also integrated Adobe Sign with its Salesforce CRM system, so the entire contract process is now digital from start to finish. This eliminates printing and document storage requirements, gives BT sales teams better visibility into real-time contract status, and supports compliance and regulation standards with an audit trail of who signed and when. The benefits also extend to sales personnel, who enjoy a 98% decrease in the time spent creating, chasing, and uploading contracts.

“Adobe Sign improves the experience for our sales people,” says Swann. “It makes their lives much simpler and they can spend more time working with customers, which improves customer experiences even further.”

Because of the electronic document workflow for sales contracts, BT Local Business is saving £630,000 annually on print, postage, and storage costs. And this is just the beginning, as other BT business units are taking notice and choosing to implement Adobe Sign for their document processes.

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