Prerna Vij and Focusing on her Strengths

by Adobe Life Team

Posted on 09-11-2018

For some, staying at the same company for six years is a tough choice. But for Prerna Vij, Technical Product Manager, the decision to stay at Adobe was an easy one to make. Prerna, who first joined Adobe in 2012 right out of university, said “When I wanted to start looking for a new opportunity, I didn’t even consider looking externally. I knew Adobe would have opportunities all around the company.”

When Prerna first came to Adobe, she remembers only having one goal, and that was to grow with a company that was doing innovative things. Fresh out of college, she joined Adobe as a software engineer and remembers the experience fondly. “I was the first engineer onboarded for a new product Adobe was working on. It was amazing. I had everything I was looking for in my first ‘real’ job. I had my first deadline within the first week of joining, but I loved jumping right into the work with my fun and helpful team. It was one of my favorite times with Adobe.”

As she worked as a software engineer, she also started to gain valuable insight outside of her core team. “What I really liked was working with other teams—like the Architecture and product teams. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was very important for me in finding other passions besides coding. If you just work in your shell, you only know what you know. So working with other teams and interacting with them gave me the right perspective. I also had a great support system. My manager was a great mentor and nominated me for various opportunities, like teaching for Girls Who Code and participating in Adobe’s Leadership Circles.”

Leadership Circles is Adobe’s flagship, global, women’s leadership development program. The comprehensive, 10-month program is a powerful combination of individual, small-group, and large-group experiential learning as well as face-to-face and virtual learning environments amplified with executive coaching.

Through this program, Prerna learned to focus on her strengths and connect with the right people. “It made me start asking the right questions during my Check-ins. I realized I wanted to become a Product Manager, and I was given the support to pursue this. When I started exploring new roles interally at Adobe, I came across an opportunity and leveraged the strengths that Leadership Circles helped me gather, and I got the position!”

Since starting her new role as a technical product manager, Prerna’s been devoting her time to learning all she can, and bridging the gap between product and engineering teams. As she explains, “My experience with Adobe has been fulfilling. I’m still learning every day, and I don’t think of my work as a ‘job.’ I feel at home. I don’t see a benefit to saying I’m done at Adobe. What’s happening here is awesome. There are learning programs being offered all the time, and it’s available for all employees.”

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