Speed Up Sales Processes With Digital Documents and Signatures

How e-signatures address top sales challenges.

by Peter Haldeman

posted on 09-13-2018

Picture this: You have a verbal yes on a deal that will help you hit your quarterly quota. But before you can pop the champagne, you need to make it official by getting a few signatures on the bottom line. The last thing you need at this moment is the delay and chance that comes from routing this deal through couriers, mail rooms and fax machines to get to all approvers and signers. This can postpone your moment of gratification or worse, could impact the timing of revenue recognition and the quarterly results for your company.

When it comes to closing deals, you need to make the experience as seamless as possible for your customer. The good news is that there are solutions to help you, and e-signatures is one of them.

Your client can make deals official in minutes instead of days — deals that are as legal and binding as “wet ink” signatures.

E-signatures are a simple, successful solution

You might be moving along with a paper solution already in place, so why mess with it? It’s simple: do you really want to keep a process in place that soaks up resources from paper to ink and, of course, time_?_ On average, Adobe Sign decreases average contract turnaround by 95 percent — from 28 days to seven hours — while saving $11 on paper, printing and shipping per signing transaction.

Many times organizations have clients sign on paper and scan documents back just so they can have the signed end result in digital format, but this just doesn’t make sense. Why go digital-paper-digital again? Wouldn’t it make sense to eliminate the speed bump?

When multiple documents have to be signed across your enterprise at volume, adopting e-signatures — especially at scale — saves an impressive amount of time and resources. According to Forrester, the implications of Adobe Sign can be both significant and immediate — think ROI of 383 percent.

Experience is everything

If you have already seen the light with respect to e-signatures, you might not need much arm-twisting to adopt them. A survey of Adobe Sign customers by TechValidate shows that the top two challenges that are addressed with e-signature solutions are saving time with document and contract processing and delivering a better signing experience for employees, clients, and business partners.

When it comes to customer service interactions, you will be remembered for how seamless (or painful) you make the process. Just any solution won’t do.

So what does this seamless experience actually look like both for you and your clients? Here are a few questions you should ask before committing to an e-signature solution:

Your clients may not be willing to use a solution built by just anyone. They will need to feel confident that the solution will protect their privacy and deliver the transaction securely and efficiently. Choosing a vendor with a long history of delivering enterprise-class solutions, using best-in-class infrastructure and adhering to security protocols and global standards is critically important.

With the advent of GDPR, customer privacy can never be an afterthought. Adobe Sign ensures that all data and files are always encrypted and secure, so you can rest assured solutions are protected even in mobile environments. What’s more, Adobe Sign offers turnkey digital IDs that are quick to deploy and internationally compliant.

This is about closing the deals that your business is built on. The experience should represent your brand in the best possible way. Make sure you are able to customize the experience so that it features your organization’s branding, gives you the flexibility to add additional security, and supports the languages of your customers around the world.

Make sure the solution is easy to deploy and use, doesn’t require a lot of programming to integrate with your business systems, and gives them the visibility and reporting that they need to follow the signing process at all times.

Around the world, leading companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Groupon use Adobe Sign to deliver winning experiences for their clients, their employees, and their organizations. It’s no wonder that digital signatures are quickly becoming the default for digitally transformed enterprises. You need a robust solution that lets you focus on the customer relationship and takes care of the rest.

Adobe Sign gets you there. It eliminates the paper trail entirely and securely, giving you more control over the end result.

See Adobe Sign up close at Dreamforce in San Francisco on September 25-28. Can’t make it to the conference? Learn more about how Adobe Sign and Document Cloud is the next step for you and your organization here.

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