Adobe and HCL Technologies Partner to Drive Digital Transformation Through Experience Design

Consumers today want experiences that are tailored to them and delivered at the exact moment they want them. To make this happen, brands need captivating design as well as tools that accelerate the creation of design-led experiences and the flexibility to manage content in an agile way.

This is why we’re excited to announce a new partnership with HCL Technologies to help global brands stay at the forefront of digital transformation through experience design. HCL, a leading global technology company, is focused on helping enterprises re-imagine and digitally transform their businesses to increase customer loyalty and business value. Design is an important element of any digital transformation, and HCL has made significant investments in building its design studios globally in the U.S., U.K., India and Australia.

To continue driving experience design forward with its customers, HCL has chosen Adobe Creative Cloud as its design platform of choice and Adobe XD CC to design, prototype and share engaging experiences. Adobe XD, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing and prototyping mobile apps and websites, will give HCL’s 250+ UX designers around the globe the tools they need to help brands scale design and keep pace with the volume of content required to deliver the compelling experiences customers expect.

“Our customers often come to us with two major challenges that require a significant amount of design work – digital transformation and increasing digital maturity through innovation,” said Jaco Van Eeden, EVP and Global Leader Digital Consulting at HCL Technologies. “We’re excited to partner with Adobe because it offers a full suite of strategy, design, development and repository tools that clients trust. By incorporating Adobe XD into our design workflows, we’ll be able to streamline design collaboration with our customers and continue to help them with digital transformation.”

Another part of helping brands accelerate experience design is ensuring a smooth integration of design, technology and analytics teams on a global basis. For HCL, every client offers a unique work environment to solve business challenges. They also have a need for technology modernization and delivering transformational user and customer experience outcomes quickly. By making Adobe XD its standard design and prototyping solution, HCL will be able to more easily integrate it into client work environments and deliver scalable solutions with business outcomes.

HCL, with its culture of innovation, is a key Adobe partner. We look forward to working together to further innovation in experience design to help customers create amazing experiences for their customers.

Today, we also released several enhancements to Adobe XD focused on responsive resizing, support for timed transitions, spell check and full screen mode scaling behavior for web prototypes. Visit here to learn more.