Adobe Reveals That Experience Is the Greatest Product

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by Veronica Dumitrescu

posted on 09-19-2018

If you have ever received an application or contract by email but were required to return the completed documents by mail, you know how frustrating the experience can be. You have to print the documents, fill out dozens of fields by hand, find the proper size of envelope, transport your package to the post office, wait in the queue, and so on. And that’s assuming you don’t have to make any amendments — a whole separate issue when dealing with static documents.

Adobe believes that every time someone interacts with a document, there’s an opportunity to deliver a great experience. Even customer experiences that start small can deliver a major impact. That’s the foundation of Adobe Document Cloud’s “Experience Starts Here” campaign.

Transforming experience with digital documents

Great business experiences start with more efficient document processes. That’s true whether the process in question is inward facing or customer facing. Within an organization, digital documents enable teams in different departments to share actionable information about where their customers are on their purchasing journey. And externally, e-signing and auto-populating forms make applications quick and easy, taking the pain out of paperwork.

At this year’s Adobe Summit EMEA, we invited some of our clients to share their successes with digital signatures.

Financial services giant HSBC noted the need to make it easy for customers to take the next step in any process. For example, if the next step in enrolling a customer in a service is signing a form, then this process must be quick, easy, and convenient — ideally an action your customers can take with their mobile devices. By automating its forms processing, HSBC has boosted new enrollments and increased organizational efficiency, all while delivering consistent digital experiences across channels.

Merck also recognizes the importance of e-signatures in internal streamlining. The pharmaceutical firm recently implemented Adobe Sign for its employment and procurement contracts, as well as good-practice documents. This digital transformation delivered a 93 percent reduction in turnaround time, saving 2.2 kg of wood and 53,000 liters of water over an eight-month period while it was at it!

At Summit, an interactive e-signature stand brought the “Experience Starts Here” campaign to life, allowing attendees to walk through the entire e-signing process from the customer side.

Prioritizing the customer journey

To achieve digital transformation (and reap benefits similar to those enjoyed by companies like Merck and HSBC), organizations must recognize that customer journeys come first. As soon as leaders acknowledge that core principle, they can begin redesigning every customer-facing interaction to be as seamless and personalized as possible, even if that means rethinking internal processes or restructuring the organization itself.

Lufthansa AirPlus International GmbH has put this principle into practice, adopting Adobe Sign to streamline internal signing of documents like checklists and user applications. Sign eliminated the need to print, sign, and scan this paperwork, saving about 15 minutes for more than 600 documents every year, adding up to 150 hours in annual time savings.

That kind of change doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a crucial component of long-term success in the digital age. Just as Adobe Acrobat revolutionized how we view and share documents, digital signature technology and workflows are transforming business processes and team collaboration. Organizations that recognize the significance of digital signing are achieving greater efficiency, accelerating business results, and fostering stronger customer relationships.

It all begins when they take a stand and realize that “Experience Starts Here.”

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