Eaton Realizes 4X Efficiency Gains with Adobe Experience Manager

by Lisa Hanna

posted on 09-24-2018

As a global power management company, Eaton is dedicated to keeping our world running. The company has customers in dozens of industries, and intelligent acquisitions have helped Eaton reach an even wider variety of audiences.

But fast growth comes with challenges as well. For Eaton, one pain point was collaboration and sharing of digital content. Every business unit and acquired company had its own content management system, making it difficult to create a cohesive online presence.

“Eaton has been on a multi-year journey on its digital transformation,” says Jason Pappas, Director of Digital Business at Eaton. “We’re working to have a single Eaton presence and a single Eaton system.”

Eaton decided to implement Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target within Adobe Marketing Cloud to transform its digital ecosystem. By standardizing content management on Adobe Experience Manager, Eaton now has a central home for all marketing collateral and website content used across Eaton. By encouraging sharing and collaboration, Experience Manager helped improve internal efficiencies by 400%.

Moving forward, Eaton is working to deliver targeted, personalized experiences to the different audiences who arrive at from various channels. Adobe Target holds the key to building highly targeted experiences across the company’s wide customer base.

“Now the customer can get more information, quickly, and find information that is tailored and relevant to them,” says Pappas.

Hear more from Eaton in the video below.

Topics: Digital Transformation, Content Management, Personalization

Products: Experience Manager