Adobe Audience Manager Launches Data Explorer

Innovative solution introduces new suite of capabilities providing flexibility and speed to data collection and action.

Delivering great customer experiences remains the holy grail for today’s marketer. Building a brand and expecting consumers to fall in line – and stay there – is simply not enough in today’s ultracompetitive, hyper-personalized landscape. Today’s consumer wants to feel special, engaged with, valued and delighted each time they interact with a brand – and marketers can only deliver this by knowing their audience and building upon that knowledge at every opportunity. Which is why Adobe today announces the launch of Data Explorer.

Data Explorer is a new suite of capabilities and workflows that gives customers of Audience Manager, Adobe’s Data Management Platform ( DMP), unmatched flexibility in the organization, analysis, and activation of the raw signals used as building blocks for their most valuable audiences.

Data Explorer delivers three key benefits by helping marketers:

  1. Avoid data loss by building audiences from unused raw data signals natively in the UI.
  2. Focus on high value audiences by eliminating the need to create audience traits ahead of time or “just in case.”
  3. Save time with an improved workflow from data signal insights to action in just one click.

**“**Sometimes the most valuable data points cannot be predicted beforehand. An article that goes viral or an unexpectedly popular product offering can become missed opportunities if your DMP isn’t architected to make raw data signals actionable,” explains Terry Chen, Senior Product Manager of Adobe Audience Manager. “The Audience Manager team built Data Explorer to give our customers the tools they need to have autonomy over audience trait creation and structure – right in their own hands.”

Data Explorer stands out from existing solutions by:

“Initial findings suggest Data Explorer will revolutionize the way some Audience Manager customers develop audiences, with the ability to backfill with historical data within the UI being described as a ‘game changer’” reports Shelby Farmer, Product Manager of Adobe Audience Manager. “Beta customers state they will save time in audience creation while enjoying the assurance that missed or unused data signals will be available for future analysis and activation if needed.”

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