The ZX1—Zeiss Optics, Full-Frame, and Lightroom CC

Zeiss today announced a brand-new camera at Photokina, the ZX1, combining legendary Zeiss optics with a new full-frame sensor and direct integration and access to Lightroom CC from within the camera’s gallery. We’re excited to have collaborated with Zeiss to bring this new experience to photographers around the world. With the ZX1 and Lightroom CC, photographers can capture images and then immediately edit those photos directly on the camera using Lightroom’s award-winning editing tools. For photographers that are members of the Adobe Creative Cloud, the photos and any edits made will be synced to other devices running Lightroom CC.

We’ve got a lot of photography nerds here on the Lightroom team and we’ve been big fans of Zeiss for quite some time. The new ZX1 represents an interesting new product category, one with an uncompromising 37.4MP full-frame sensor and Distagon 35mm f/2 lens, coupled with a powerful processor that can run Lightroom CC right off of the camera. Our collaboration with Zeiss was a natural one, showcasing one of the benefits and goals of Lightroom CC—creativity can strike at anytime, anywhere, so it’s best to have your editing toolkit with you at all times.

We’re looking forward to how photographers take advantage of Lightroom CC on their camera and can’t wait to see the photographs produced from what we hope will prove to be a fruitful combination of camera and software.

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