Merck KGaA Reduces Turnaround Time for Signatures by 1,400 Percent

Merck KGaA improves time to signature for procurement contracts by 1,400 percent with Adobe Sign.

Merck KGaA can trace its history back more than 350 years to a small pharmacy in Germany. But today, Merck KGaA is known for medicines, vaccines, and chemicals that make a difference in millions of lives. Innovation is at the core of what Merck KGaA does, and documentation is an unavoidable part of cutting-edge research.

Merck KGaA wanted a way to alleviate the administrative headaches of documentation so that employees could spend more time exploring new solutions to serious issues. By implementing an electronic signature process with Adobe Sign, the company is realizing a 1,400 percent faster time to signature.

“Employee experience is very important at Merck KGaA because happy and productive employees produce better work, leading to more innovative and creative solutions for our end users,” says Florian Wies, IT Project and Service Manager at Merck KGaA.

As part of a global organization, Merck KGaA employees often work with colleagues in offices around the world. Sending paper documentation between offices for signature could be a time-consuming hassle. That’s why Merck KGaA decided to deploy Adobe Sign, enabling the company to implement 100 percent digital documentation workflows, including signature and approval.

Before Adobe Sign, processing procurement contracts took 7.5 days on average. Leveraging Adobe Sign, procurement contracts now take an average of half a day.

With the APIs in Adobe Sign enabling integrations with existing tools, staff don’t need to learn a new system and can instead initiate and monitor contracts using a familiar solution. The process is equally simple for signers, who can click a link in an email and sign contracts from any device. The faster process means Merck KGaA researchers can explore their new ideas much faster without long waits for supplies.

“With Adobe Sign, we no longer need painful paper processes,” says Wies. “We’re leveraging a digital transformation to make experiences better for everyone: our employees, our partners, and ultimately our customers.”

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