Maximize Your Mobile Photography

Use the power of Lightroom CC and Adobe Capture to take your mobile photography to the next level.

Image source: Adobe Stock.

by Hep Svadja

posted on 10-04-2018

This Saturday is Worldwide Photowalk Day (WWPD), a yearly global celebration of social photography. Organized by author and educator Scott Kelby, and now in its 11th year, WWPD is a worldwide event, with meetups in cities on almost every continent for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels. Adobe is sponsoring photowalks in several U.S. cities, we hope you’ll join us! WWPD is a fantastic way to meet and network with other photographers in your area, as well as an excellent opportunity to explore mobile photography workflows.

This year when you are kitting up, don’t forget to prep your mobile phone along with your DSLR. Everyone knows about the power of Lightroom CC for editing on the desktop — but did you know Lightroom’s built-in camera lets you shoot RAW directly on your iOS or Android phone? The camera is also available from an iOS widget, meaning that you can launch directly into rear camera or selfie mode from the lock screen with one swipe and a tap.

The Lightroom camera is a powerful tool to augment the optics of your mobile device, giving you access to exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance tools right where you need them. Enable perspective grids and custom cropping directly in the viewfinder for more accurate captures, as well as a highlight clipping mode to keep your exposure under control.

The camera also provides manual focus tools to truly control your depth of field. No longer will you fight with the AE targets that are too large, or swapping between exposure and focal lock. Combined with the ability to select either wide angle or telephoto lens on devices with multiple rear cameras, this gives you precise control over almost every part of your image.

Once you have captured your pictures, you can edit right there on your phone or take advantage of syncing with your Creative Cloud membership to edit on whatever device you prefer. Editing photos on the go has never been more accessible, with all of the familiar Lightroom tools right where you expect them, including advanced editing features like selective adjustments, and access to your Lightroom presets.

Client file request at 4:30 p.m. on a Sunday while you are sailing? No problem. This incredibly powerful mobile editing suite also allows you to sync your Lightroom catalog down to your phone so you can export high-resolution edits from wherever you are. You can add watermarks, write metadata to exports, and access all the sharing platforms your phone is connected to. These tools make Lightroom perfect for busy photographers on the go… or on a photowalk. Shoot, proof, edit, and upload your full-resolution gallery before you even get home! Take a look at everything Lightroom CC has to offer the mobile photographer.

But what if you want to do even more with your photos? Adobe Capture CC lets you take your creative photography journey to the next level, allowing you to craft vector images, develop rich patterns, identify fonts, or make custom Photoshop brushes from your pictures. Leverage your photography beyond the static image by incorporating elements into beautiful assets that are usable in a variety of mediums and Adobe applications. Import images directly from your device’s photo gallery or, using the power of Creative Cloud, bring images in from your Lightroom catalog.

Use the Shape module to create beautifully detailed resizable shapes to use as graphic elements for logos, illustrations, comic books, animations, and more. Thanks to the power of Creative Cloud Libraries, you can immediately find your shapes in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or on mobile devices in Adobe Draw. Generate rich, harmonized color palettes from your photos that are instantly synced everywhere, from InDesign to After Effects, and are shareable on Adobe Color. Out on the go and find the perfect font for your design project? Snap a photo of it and analyze the font to identify similar typefaces, then automatically sync them on Typekit.

With the Pattern module, you can make beautiful, unique patterns using Capture’s geometric mechanics. You can also create seamless tiling patterns for use as backgrounds or compositing materials. Do you love photographing textures? You can turn these texture images into rich 3D materials for use in Dimension CC, or export the materials to use in other rendering pipelines. See how Adobe Capture can help you integrate your photos in every part of your creative journey.

Adobe will be sponsoring mobile photography walks in San Francisco, San Jose, Alameda, Minnesota, and New York. Join us to learn more about how Lightroom and Capture can help your mobile photography workflows. Walk around the Adobe office neighborhoods to capture images, and then learn about editing workflows in Lightroom and Capture. If there is no Adobe-hosted photowalk in your area, check out the full list of photowalks. With hundreds of events all around the world, there is bound to be a creative journey near you.

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