A look back at 90s style with Adobe Stock

by Adobe UK Team

Posted on 10-05-2018

This autumn, US sitcom Frasier turned 25, iconic 90s film Rush Hour turned 20, and everyone’s favourite 90s prince Will Smith turned 50 years old! As part of Adobe Stock’s visual trend History & Memory, we mark the anniversaries of some of our favourite 90’s shows and pay homage to the styles and trends that stood the test of time.

With the decade still influencing fashion, music and entertainment today, Adobe Stock unveiled a 90s collection of imagery featuring core, premium and video assets.

To bring this to life, check out how fashionistas today are still inspired by the decade…

What were your favourite fashion statements from the 90s? Share your thoughts with us by tweeting us at @AdobeUK!

Geometric prints

Geometric prints were all the rage in the 90s, Will Smith in ‘_The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ _was a prime example of this. The stars fashion choices, from clashing colours, dungarees and backward caps have come back to influence today’s style. But ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ wasn’t the only show that has influenced fashion statements in 2018 – how can we forget ‘Clueless’? a cult favourite and still inspiration to some of the 90s trends we see in shops today.

Bold Colour

Today’s ‘Instagram Culture’ has allowed us to be inspired by the 90s era all over again with the constant photos of bright coloured clothing and snapbacks. Rewind to the early 90s where a group of high school kids navigate relationships, final exams and school dances all whilst being stylish trend setters in ‘Saved the Bell’. Looking back now who would have thought the bright colours and bold prints would come back in such full force.

High Waisted Jeans

One trend from the 90s that we can’t seem to get away from is – high waisted jeans, despite having an exodus during the skinny jean era, these 90s fashion favourites are back in high demand. TV Sitcom ‘Friends’ succeeded in giving us 90s high waisted vibes and it seems like even the noughties babies can’t get enough!

90’s Tech

Not only are the 90s influencing our fashion choices but also our tech, Walkman’s and flip phones – must-haves of the 90s – have become sought-after items. Do you ever feel like you want to turn back time and dig out your old CDs from when you were in school? You know, the ones you put a mixture of all your favourite songs on? Because you wouldn’t be alone. If you look around us currently, you’ll notice CD and VHS shops are popping up and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.

If you want to take your own trip down memory lane visit the Adobe Stock 90s collection where every day will feel like a Throwback Thursday!

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