Gayle Fuguitt Foursquare

Gayle Fuguitt Foursquare

Gayle Fuguitt Foursquare

by Ernan Roman

Posted on 10-09-2018

Gayle Fuguitt is firm in her conviction that the mobile phone is the answer to achieving precision message delivery. As Foursquare’s chief of customer insight and innovation, that makes absolute sense. Read on for her thoughts in this latest “4 Questions For Digital Innovators” profile. 

1. What is the one marketing topic that is most important to you as an innovator?

Reimagining the future by bridging the digital world and real-world divide–literally connecting digital spaces to physical spaces. By connecting today’s consumers to meaningful experiences and solutions on their most closely held life navigator, their mobile phone, we can now deliver the marketing holy grail: the right message to the right person at the right time.

Consumers’ mobile phones play an indispensable role in their lives, becoming their navigator and bridging the digital to the real world. Rather than blocking marketing and advertising messages, consumers are inviting their brands to deliver meaningful, location-specific, real-time messages that connect them to learning, dining, shopping, gaming, and entertainment experiences, right at their fingertips.

Location technology is our key to unlocking growth by locating consumers where they are and delivering timely, meaningful messages to them on their terms.

2. Why is this so important?

As digital investments grow exponentially and artificial intelligence becomes a reality, the fact is that consumers actually “vote with their feet.” In other words, no matter what consumers say they’ll do, or what sites and brands they follow on social media, where they personally choose to spend their time as measured in foot traffic is what matters most.

Actual consumer behavior shows us what’s most important to them, and when and where to best reach them to deliver relevant messages in context.

For example, Touchtunes, a virtual jukebox app-based company with jukeboxes in over 65,000 dining and drinking establishments, partnered with Foursquare to invite consumers to stop into a nearby restaurant or bar to play their favorite tunes while enjoying a favorite drink or meal, delivering an over 60% increase in Touchtunes app downloads and a 30% increase in spending.

Land Rover invited Foursquare to create meaningful messages for its Discovery vehicle by “discovering undiscovered locations.” These messages became so compelling for their buyers that the consumers themselves started sharing their own personal “undiscovered locations” with each other, resulting in a 27% increase in engagement.

3. How will this improve the customer experience?

Customer experiences will be improved as a marketers shift from mass markets to custom target audiences, from fact-based brand messaging to meaningful, contextually relevant connections. Most importantly, from data facts to integrated data stories, [this will help] open up our consumers’ world views and needs–finally delivering precision at scale: head, heart and feet.

4. How will this improve the effectiveness of marketing?

The future is here today. 2020 is just around the corner. Consumers are ready for us to seek them out, connect, deliver meaningful content plus experiences, and listen and measure well enough to increase the quality and scale of those connections. Are you ready?

Bonus: 6 Simple Steps To Unlock Your Future

Lead with courage vs. caution: Invest in new tech solutions plus partners, lead zero-based budgeting and investment in advertising across all platforms, vs. discounting brands.

Forge collaborative partnerships: Mobile first. If you don’t see the solutions you want, find a partner and build one. Then experiment, learn, and scale to exponentially grow.

Shift from demos to custom audience target segments: Translate consumer values to brand value: from 25-54 to 24/7.

Experiment with mobile creative: Tap location to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time—on their terms.

Insist on timely, integrated KPIs and measurement: Raise the bar for your tech to deliver brand-safe, transparent, real-time insights that tie marketing ROI to sales growth.

Run, don’t walk, to the decision table: Represent the head, heart, and, most of all, feet of today’s consumer.

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