Flight Centre Travel Group Captures the Excitement of World Travel with Stunning Video

Image courtesy of Flight Centre.

by Jeff Pedersen

posted on 10-12-2018

Travel isn’t just a way to unwind. For Flight Centre, it’s also a great way to break down barriers, learn new things, and expand minds. That’s why the company dedicates a lot of time and effort to bringing the world travel experience home to Australians.

Its work might be familiar to many people in Australia. Using Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, Flight Centre created its own travel series for television called The 48 Hour Destination. Already in its second season, the show takes the audience on a whirlwind tour of must-see attractions in destinations as far-flung as Berlin, Bangkok, Las Vegas, and Fiji.

“Travel can be complicated, especially if people are planning to go somewhere they’ve never been before,” says Luke Wheatley, Head of Creative and Content at Flight Centre. “Video is one of the best ways to make complicated topics simple. We’re finding that audiences respond very positively to video. Video in an email can increase the click-through-rate by about 96 percent, and the average user spends about 88 percent more time on a website when we put video on it.”

Directing the action behind the camera

Behind the scenes, the Flight Centre communications team is busy creating the experience. The team of artists, editors, writers, and designers produces content of all kinds for a full spectrum of online and offline channels, from mobile and social media to television, retail stores, and print. With Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, team members can work together easily on these fast-paced projects, keeping audiences engaged with fresh content.

The communications team recently moved its video production workflow to Team Projects, a fully integrated capability within Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC. Team Projects enables editors in Australia to collaborate in real-time with video crews on-location around the world, supporting a nimbler approach to video production. Plus, Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries let distributed teams keep project assets in one place, so everyone has access to footage, storyboards, and feedback.

“We edit every video with Adobe Premiere Pro CC,” says Wheatley. “We love how Adobe Creative Cloud allows us to bring ideas to life quickly. Our video team is often working in exotic locales, and with Premiere Pro, editors can do some quick cuts on their laptops and upload clips straight to social media to get audiences as excited about our travels as we are.”

When it comes to spreading the travel bug, Flight Centre isn’t slowing down. The communications team is exploring several innovative ideas to bring the world home to Australians — and inspire them to explore it for themselves.

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