It’s Here! Characterizer and More Game-Changing Innovation in Adobe Character Animator CC

Image source: Adobe Characterizer.

It’s a pleasure to announce the latest release of Adobe Character Animator CC, available right now! In this release of our Adobe Sensei AI-powered animation tool, we are delivering even more creative possibilities with Characterizer, lowering the barriers to unique puppet creation and new features that accelerate animation, including Replays, Magnets, and more.

You can see a great overview of our updates here.


First unveiled as a MAX sneak peek last year, under the code name Project Puppetron, Characterizer is now a part of Character Animator CC. Bring original artwork into Character Animator, record a series of sounds and facial expressions, and Characterizer will generate a new, unique character. We added slider controls to adjust the level of stylization and fine-tune facial regions and expressions to get the result you want.

In a matter of seconds, you have a completely unique puppet that’s ready for your performance, regardless of your previous animation experience. You can use a webcam or other connected camera to record performances, just like you would with any Character Animator puppet, and transform your own image into a work of animated art.

More new features that advance the art of animation


We created Replays to help you reuse your best takes, like that one great laugh or perfectly-timed fist bump, live or in recorded performances. Now you can trigger a previously recorded facial expression or signature dance move to save you the time of having to recreate the same performance. Trim, extend, reposition, and blend Replays in your timeline to fine-tune the final result. Best of all, replays travel with the puppet from project to project, meaning you’ll have a library of your best actions available wherever that puppet is in use.


Make your animations more lively using Magnets, a new feature that allows dynamic puppets to throw, drop, and pick up static items, like tossing a baseball or grabbing a cup of coffee.

Squashiness parameter in physics

Add more life to your puppets and scenes by adjusting the squashiness parameter in the physics behaviors, allowing characters and objects in scenes to behave like more traditional cartoon animations.

Improvements to walk behavior

With newly added shoulder sway and hip-sway tags, three-quarter view walks are now possible, adding more variety to the included walk cycles.

History bookmarks

Access previous versions of your project’s history, giving you the freedom to experiment with new ideas and versions without fear of losing your original or current work.

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Please join us in the Character Animator forums to ask questions about these new and updated features — it’s the best place to have a conversation with us. If you’d like to submit feature requests or bug reports, you may do so on this page.

Check out the full details of this release here, or download the update now and check them out for yourself.