Liberating Your Creativity with the Next Generation of Creative Cloud

Today’s release of the next generation of Adobe Creative Cloud marks a major inflection for the future of creativity. We are unlocking a new level of creative potential by releasing more powerful tools, extending creativity beyond the desktop, and empowering creatives to thrive in new mediums like voice and augmented reality.

Whether you’re a designer, a professional in the fields of video, animation, or photography or you’re simply enthusiastic about taking your creations to the next level, the new products, features, and improvements we announced today at Adobe MAX will make it easier for you to express yourself with clarity, sophistication, and impact.

Today’s Creative Cloud announcements follow three major themes:

Multi-surface creativity

Three new products we unveiled today really show the power of multi-surface creativity.

**Premiere Rush CC **is a simple but powerful all-in-one video creation tool that works across your desktop and mobile devices. Rush, which is available today as part of Creative Cloud, includes intuitive editing, simplified color, audio, and motion graphics controls, and streamlined publishing to leading social channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, among others.

We previewed Photoshop CC on the iPad, which delivers all the power, performance, and precision of Photoshop reimagined for a modern touch and gesture-based interface. It unchains Photoshop from the desktop, allowing you to seamlessly work on the same PSD file across multiple devices, using the advanced controls and tools you’re accustomed to. Photoshop on the iPad will be available in 2019.

We also sneaked Project Gemini, a modern and powerful mobile drawing and painting application, featuring Live brushes that mimic natural media like oil paint and watercolors in amazingly lifelike ways. Project Gemini is closely linked to Photoshop — you can use the same brushes you love in Photoshop and seamlessly pass files between the two applications. Project Gemini will be available on the iPad in 2019.

Advancing interaction and immersive design

So much of daily life involves a digital interface, and experience designers now play a central role in every company and product team. Today’s release of Adobe XD, our experience design and prototyping application, includes your most requested improvements and brings many new and exciting possibilities to experience designers.

The Auto-Animate feature makes it simple to create dynamic and engaging designs with elements that move and morph as users interact with them. Designers can link symbols across documents and more easily share design specs with their developer colleagues. We’re also helping UI/UX designers master the growing new medium of voice interaction. New voice command and playback triggers, powered by Sayspring technology, enable designers to create prototypes for voice-driven devices like Amazon Echo.

Augmented reality (AR) will soon be the best way to navigate a new city, find what you want in a big store, or even fix one of your appliances — but AR will be nothing without creative content. Today we previewed Project Aero, a new tool that makes authoring AR content much easier. With Aero, designers can use the tools they already know, like Photoshop and Dimension, to design an experience. Aero leverages Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence tool, to remove the technical complexity from AR production.

Saving time for creativity

Throughout Creative Cloud, we’ve made many changes that will accelerate your work. We are committed to removing bottlenecks and making laborious tasks faster and easier so you have more time to be creative. Be sure to watch the keynote for a summary of some of our favorite improvements.

We’re also making it easier to learn how to use our products and get helpful tips to boost your productivity. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, there will always be new techniques and tools you’ll need to learn, and we’re aggregating this content on the new home screen that you’ll see as soon as you open a Creative Cloud application.

We’ve also expanded the use of Adobe Sensei to streamline the time-consuming tasks that are required in many creative projects. That includes new tools to make widespread changes to colors in videos in Premiere Pro, an improved Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop, and a more powerful and flexible way to build gradients in Illustrator.

We also announced some significant improvements to services like Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) and Adobe Stock that will remove friction from your work. For instance, we’ve eliminated all limits on font use, and we’ve made all fonts available for both web and desktop use. The full library of approximately 15,000 fonts in the Adobe Fonts library is available with all paid Creative Cloud subscriptions. And we’re providing new Sensei-powered search features and exclusive content in Adobe Stock.

Finally, I also want to highlight progress in our ongoing effort to improve the connections between our applications. The magic of Creative Cloud really comes through when you can seamlessly work in multiple applications to create something at the cutting edge of your field. Good examples are the revamped animation workflows between Animate and After Effects, Animate and Character Animator, and Adobe XD and After Effects.

There are literally hundreds of innovations and improvements in the next generation of Creative Cloud. To learn more about them, download the latest version of Creative Cloud, watch the MAX Keynotes, and learn more via this link.