Typekit is Adobe Fonts

You may already know Typekit means fonts. In the seven years since the Typekit team joined Adobe, we’ve closely collaborated with the creative community to evolve and expand on our value to customers, and today boast a collection of 14,000 fonts. Today we’re announcing some changes, starting with the name of our service: Typekit is now Adobe Fonts.

As Adobe Fonts, we are consolidating all previous Typekit plans into one streamlined service that gives you our complete library as part of all Creative Cloud plans. Everything you love about Typekit is still hard-wired into our DNA: a huge selection of quality typefaces, unparalleled web font service, and seamless integration with Creative Cloud. The major difference you’ll notice is what’s not there anymore.

Your subscription plan doesn’t include fonts? Check again. Starting today, all Creative Cloud plans include our complete library of fonts. This includes single-app plans and the Photography Plan. The way we see it, if you’re paying for Creative Cloud, you’re paying for fonts. And even if you’re not paying, you still get the Basic collection of fonts to work with, free with an Adobe ID. We’d love for you to give it a try.

More fonts in more places

You’re going to start seeing fonts in all sorts of new places now. Today we’re kicking off a 30-day series of new font packs, thoughtful and inspiring font combinations that you can activate and start using instantly.

Just a few of our current font packs. Thirty more are on their way.

Our newest releases are curated by Arianna Orland and Tad Carpenter, two designers with unique tastes for working with letters in beautiful and innovative ways. This is just an example of the rich community of creative people we’re honored to connect with for these curated collections. Look for many more exciting font packs in the days to come.

Try our type: The new Adobe Fonts website

In seven years, a lot has changed for our team. We’ve added plenty of new features and fonts in that time, and we’re proud of our progress. But we’re thinking of today as day one for something new. One of the clearest places you’ll see this is on the Adobe Fonts website.

We’d been adding liberally to many of the site feature controls without realizing that it had become overwhelming to navigate. So, we’ve simplified the experience with the goal of making it easier to get up and running with all the fonts you need. On desktop, a one-step activation works with the Creative Cloud desktop application to load cloud fonts in all your applications instantly. And for fonts on the web, we’ve streamlined a few steps as well.

Our old UI was much busier than it needed to be (left). The new design simplifies the steps involved for getting fonts onto your website (right).

Feeling dizzy yet? Check out our FAQ for an overview of the changes. We’ll be sharing more soon about some of the new fonts you’ll see in our collection. Keep an eye on the Typography channel, and follow @AdobeFonts on Twitter to learn what’s next.