Embark on Your Creative Quest with Questlove

by Adobe Communications Team

posted on 10-16-2018

As any artist knows, creativity can’t be confined to just one format or medium. It’s a dynamic force that explores new ideas in unique ways, exploding into sight, sound, movement — or whatever else captures the imagination. Take Questlove, whose ever-expanding titles currently include drummer, DJ, producer, designer, culinary entrepreneur, _New York Times-_bestselling author and co-founder of The Roots. The five-time Grammy Award-winning musician not only embodies creative versatility — he’s also a champion for budding creatives in the community, as proven by his newly-launched venture CREATIVE HOUSE. That’s why Adobe will be joining forces with him for a new creative collaboration.

Read on to learn more about CREATIVE HOUSE, how Questlove is collaborating with Adobe through several creative challenges, and how you can join in.

Get Creative with CREATIVE HOUSE

Today at Adobe MAX, we announced
a collaboration between Adobe, Questlove, and Questlove’s new endeavor CREATIVE HOUSE. Co-created by Questlove and Adam Sandow, founder and CEO of SANDOW, CREATIVE HOUSE brings together a unique mix of artists, designers, inventors, and innovators — from students and emerging talent to experienced luminaries — to inspire, collaborate, share ideas, and connect. With a diverse and inclusive team of talent, CREATIVE HOUSE will launch its first publication in 2019, along with a creativity conference and a new agency that collaborates with companies to launch new products and brands.

As part of our mutual commitment to championing creativity, Adobe and CREATIVE HOUSE will co-host a series of three creative challenges designed to inspire emerging and established artists to explore and evolve their creative process.

Keep an eye out in early 2019 for the three challenges to see how you can participate for the chance to win some great prizes!

Questlove’s creative challenge with Project 1324

A clear quality that Adobe and Questlove have in common is a dedication to empowering the next generation of young creators. It was then an obvious next step to launch a collaboration with Questlove and Project 1324, Adobe’s platform to ignite creativity in 13 to 24-year-olds. Today at Adobe MAX, we announced the next evolution of Project 1324, which includes an opportunity for young creators to participate in a new challenge called “Creative Quotes.” The idea? Visualize a quote that sparks your creativity and submit it to Project 1324. All participants will have the chance to ignite their creative quest with Questlove (more on that up next), and 20 participants will win a $100 gift card from Adobe, as well as giveaways of signed copies of Questlove’s New York Times bestselling new book, “Creative Quest.”

This new phase of Project 1324 also features mentors, in which experienced photographers, designers, illustrators, and filmmakers can provide advice and inspiration for the next generation of creators. And good news! Questlove will have his very own mentor profile — and will engage directly with the Project 1324 community to host and provide feedback on submissions for the “Creative Quotes” challenge.

As part of our shared commitment to empowering young creators, Adobe will also donate 3,000 copies of Questlove’s book “,Creative Quest,” which offers guidance and creative inspiration, to underserved youth with limited access to arts programs.

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