Experience Watch — What Customer Experience (CX) Means to APAC Digital Leaders

by The Adobe Blog team

posted on 10-17-2018

For all the talk around experience-driven businesses, did you know it’s now been proven to pay off? Experience businesses outperform their peers in metrics across the entire customer journey, including a 40 percent average increase in revenue growth and a 60 percent average increase in customer lifetime value.

Still, experience business can mean many things to many people, and we know brands in Asia Pacific (APAC) do things a little differently. From transforming digital advertising in the finance industry, to providing online education that’s just one click away, every business leader has their own unique approach to digital transformation. And there’s no substitution for learning from your peers.

Adobe sits down with leading APAC experience makers to discover their approach to digital strategy and how they’re revolutionising customer experiences.

Westpac New Zealand — Keeping Financial Services Human

Tessa O’Rorke is building the digital face of Westpac Bank in New Zealand. Her main goal is ensuring the human connection with customers is augmented by technology — and not replaced. Hear more about her digital strategy.

Want more from Tessa? Watch her presentation at Adobe Symposium here.

RMIT Online — Making Education Online One Click Away

RMIT Online’s Jack Hylands is navigating the challenges that all education institutions face today — making the right technology investment, while preparing students for the future and creating a community of lifelong learners. So, where do you start? Watch this video to learn more.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service - Banking Blood Through Personalised Experiences

The idea of donating blood makes many people squirm – and this feeling is exactly what Jude Leon is fighting against at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Each year, Jude is given the massive task of attracting over 100,000 new donors to give blood. To move the needle, Jude has turned to personalised experiences – from geo-targeting at local blood banks to customised online messages. Discover how this not-for-profit is now drawing blood in record numbers.

Want more from Jude? Watch her keynote at Adobe Symposium here.

Carlton & United Breweries — Distilling Gut-Feeling Into Data-Driven Insights

“As marketers, we’re often reliant on our gut to make decisions, that’s a really powerful tool but in isolation can be dangerous.” Although Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) creates some of Australia’s most iconic draughts, engaging beverage lovers online is no easy task. Discover how Annalise Booker has been on a journey to seek data-driven insights that can validate business assumptions.

Spark NZ — Asking ‘Why’ Before Investing In Technology

Lena Jenkins understands that real digital transformation is more than a technology investment. Leading the customer engagement strategy for Spark NZ – one of New Zealand’s largest Telcos and outright businesses – she wanted to alleviate call centre engagement while collecting the right data to personalise future experiences.

Some businesses start this journey by buying new technology, but Lena started with a question – “why?” Discover her checklist for successful digital transformation in the video above.

Discovery Parks Group — Prepare For Growth With Campaign Integration

The employees at Discovery Parks Group have a close connection with their customers. Along with taking bookings via phone or at the gate, they look after visitors, cabins and camping sites at hundreds of parks Australia-wide.

Melissa Librandi has been on a mission to establish a digital footprint that expands the business and alleviate booking procedures on park staff – letting them get on with the job at hand. With more parks joining the fold and aggressive expansion of their new loyalty program, Melissa has been preparing for growth. Discover how in the video above.

Circles.Life - Give Power Back To Build Customer Trust

Asia’s first fully digital telco company. That’s the mission for Circles.Life, Singapore’s newest telco that has managed to disrupt an entire industry within a few short years.

Their all-digital model would be a confronting reality for any business: no physical distributors. No retail businesses. Even the sim cards and phones are ordered online then couriered directly to customers.

But Circles.Life has found success by targeting Asia’s data-hungry mobile users and keeping the focus on transparency to buck the negative stereotype of hidden charges and lock-in plans.

Circles.Life may be making waves, but Senior Media Manager Gaurav Gupta says their success starts with giving power back to the customer. Discover how Circles.Life is building a reputation for transparency, an engaged customer community, and evolving their customer understanding from “cookies on blind browsers” to a master ID tracking every online interaction.

KBTG, Kasikorn Bank – Digital Intelligence Means Proactive Experiences

Fred Roteseree, Deputy Managing Director of KBTG (the IT arm of Thai financial institute, KBank), wanted his business to see their customers differently. Instead of a home loan customer or credit card user, he wanted them to be a KBank customer first.

This simple switch in mindset allowed the business to start sharing information across departments and develop a holistic view that could identify more opportunities to engage, delight and surprise customers.

Roteseree says a key word to their transformation is intelligence – the ability to be proactive in your customer engagement. Learn how KBTG is today bringing computing power to data for more intelligent, personalised and proactive experiences for their customers.

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