Do You Want to Learn Adobe XD but Don’t Have Time? How About Learning It in Under 5 Minutes?

Yes, I know. You are insanely busy and stopping to learn a new tool or process is just not happening.

by Demian Borba

posted on 10-19-2018

Keeping up with all the Adobe XD updates is hard.

One of our biggest challenges when trying to show customers the progress the team is making with XD is the fact that people are just too busy to stop to watch a video, a tutorial, or read a blog post. Yes, if you saw XD let’s say one or two years ago, it evolved a lot. After the 1.0 release at MAX in 2017 in October, more than 60 features were released, and it keeps getting better and better. Every month there is a new update!

We work really hard to inform our users with live streams on Facebook, YouTube, Behance, contests, training, workshops, UI kits, customer visits all over the world, pilot projects, Creative Jams, and a lot more.

Again, I know you’re busy. But what if there were a quick way to learn XD? In like, 5 minutes.

Thinking of that, I have decided to record two 5-minute videos, one for Mac and one for Windows 10, highlighting all the core features of XD. Here they are:

That’s it!

XD is fast, powerful, and can change the way you and your team work.

If you’re interested in trying XD now, I just wanted to let you know that it has a free version available for Mac and Windows 10.

And if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us on UserVoice or Twitter using #AdobeXD.

Thanks for taking the time to see this. And happy prototyping!

Topics: Creativity, Design

Products: Creative Cloud, XD