We’ve Achieved Global Gender Pay Parity — a Milestone Worth Celebrating!

by Donna Morris

posted on 10-22-2018

Today, Adobe announced that we have achieved global gender pay parity for all Adobe employees — a goal we set for ourselves earlier this year. I’m extremely proud of this accomplishment and the investment we continue to make in creating a culture that fairly rewards and recognizes the contributions of all our employees.

We began this pay parity journey two years ago and invested significant time and resources to attain parity in the U.S. and India before today’s final milestone of global achievement. What we found was that our strong existing employee and pay practices laid the foundation for our pay adjustments to be modest — less than five percent of Adobe employees (including both men and women) received upward pay adjustments, and that investment represented less than 0.2 percent of our global payroll costs.

Pay parity is never really done, especially in a company growing as rapidly as Adobe. We are committed to sustaining it over time and will closely monitor our ongoing hiring, acquisition and rewards practices to ensure that we do.

Many companies are tackling the challenge of fair pay, and we hope even more will join in this effort. The time and financial investment will bring more highly engaged employees who feel respected and valued, no matter their gender or any other dimension of what makes them who they are.

Adobe has been recognized globally for being innovative, for leadership, for technology, for our global brand, and as a best place to work in several categories by industry leaders such as Fortune, Forbes, Glassdoor, Working Mother, People Magazine, LinkedIn, and others. This recognition is the direct result of our continued belief that Adobe’s greatest asset is our people, a belief that started with our founders over 35 years ago.

Core to who we are — genuine, exceptional, innovative and involved — Adobe has created a culture, where every employees’ contribution is valued, respected, and celebrated with the fundamental belief that our differences are the magic ingredient to our success — we call this Adobe For All.

For more details on how Adobe approached global gender pay parity, read how we got there.

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